I’ve Noticed Something

Hey did you notice Karandi over at 100 Word Anime just celebrated their 3 year blog anniversary this month?

No, but they’re awesome! I’m glad they’re still continuing to make incredible content. I’ll be sure to recommend anyone who hasn’t to go check them out and congratulate them on reaching that milestone.

5 Days Later

Hey did you see The Blog Complainer is celebrating his first year blog anniversary.

No, but that’s pretty cool. I do like a blog with some personality so I’ll be sure to recommend them to anyone who hasn’t checked them out yet and be sure to wish them many more to come.

May 13th

Hey did you see The Orangutan Librarian is celebrating their 4th Bloggiversary?!

You mean that wise monkey who’s one of the most experienced, liked, and respected people (animal?) on the platform? No, but dang that’s impressive but they’re certainly someone I’ve looked up to in terms of what’s achievable on WordPress so good for them I hope even more people can find and enjoy their bookworm blog.

Also why are you holding a conversation with yourself? Won’t people find that really weird.

I don’t know.


There’s a blog anniversary! And there’s another blog anniversary! And even another one! Is there any other blog anniversaries around here that I should know about???

Oh yeah…. mine. *Confetti* But geez what do they put in the water around this time of year.

I wasn’t planning on doing anything for the occasion because I just assumed the general response would be “nobody cares” and “we don’t like you“. Which fair enough, was maybe going to drop a normal post and then just finish at the end being like thanks for supporting me through 2 years times flies fast but you’re all awesome thanks for stopping by the movies. But that post got lost in the digital paper shredder and I wasn’t going to stress about it. However, ha ha ha the perfect opportunity would present itself for the occasion.

DJ Run that sunshine award back!

I don’t want to sound rude so I’m trying to make sure that I come across right. I have recently been on the receiving end of sunshine blogger post tag and because it feels fresh I’m not going to comply with the post requirements fully. I’m definitely doing the thanking part to Annlyel James of Annlyel Online fame. I’m so grateful for this, I really appreciate the gesture and I hope this post suffices as an equal gesture towards a “hopefully mutual” appreciation of our online content and token of online friendship. I’m definitely answering all those questions because I like free content and they where a pretty fun bunch so I tried my best. I just had a minor mental breakdown over a post getting deleted so this really got me back in spirit so I am very much grateful and I hope there’s no put down with me calling this a part 2 that’s not the intention and hopefully having this be linked with a big day of my 2 year Anniversary *Confetti* demonstrates that . I’m just not going to do my own nominees, I mean if you’re reading this and would like to either answer Annlyel questions featured below or my wacky questions featured in PART 1 then I certainly give you permission but I feel that I’ve nominated my bunch, I’ve already spread my seed (Don’t say it like that) so I think we’re good to answer some questions and have a good time.

Question and answer time

If you can, which movie is your favorite of all time?

I can’t. I am… pretentious? I don’t know I really genuinely like Citizen Kane and 2001: A Space Odyssey. I really enjoy the works of Charlie Kaufman, Denis Villeneuve, Christopher Nolan, and Alejandro G.  Iñárritu. To define is to limit so I think instead of working about the mental hierarchy I just take a film or show and if it connects to me as something intellectually stimulating or emotionally voyeuristic, I tend to appreciate it’s place in the sea of viewing content. I’m not one to really pin down favorites which probably means I’m in for some trouble answering these questions aren’t I.

Have you been to Disney World? If so, what’s your favorite park?

No, I haven’t I have been to Disneyland numerous times and because of that nostalgia factor I would have to go with that one being my favorite. A true classic never goes out of style right.

Who’s your favorite Star Wars character?

I like giving really original answers… I like Kit Fisto. Look at that Cthulhu lookin’ dude smile. Wish they did this cool dude more justice but hey what can you do.

Who’s your favorite Marvel superhero?

Spider-man, Dr. Strange, Captain America.

Who’s your favorite DC Comics superhero?

Actually answering this question has shown me the light and I now have a new answer. Originally it was a toss up between the Flash or Batman but that was before I learned of Mister Tawky Tawny. Tawky Tawny is a Shazam character who is this dapper museum guide… who’s also just a tiger for some reason. I love this guy please add him to Shazam 2. It’s the thing I never knew I needed in my life.

What’s your favorite guilty pleasure, pertaining to food?

Oh. Umm…. I don’t even know if I can answer this one. I feel like you need a considerate and healthy diet in order to have guilty pleasures, right? I’m not writing a diet plan anytime soon, but I feel like I’m on the die in your mid-thirties diet. I will admit my diet is not recommendable, but I don’t do anything too shameful either. I don’t drink cheese whiz or do what this one lady on My Strange Addictions did where she sandwiched tartar sauce between two hostess cupcakes… no thank you. I guess after looking for how other people answer this question, I would have to say a pinch of raw cookie dough because I know that’s a no-no but I’m completely fine going out that way if that’s how it’s going to be.

What city is on your bucket list to visit?

Thank you I now have a better answer to this question now. Strange answer but I would say Indianapolis. Indianapolis just seems like more wholesome Chicago and it seems to have a good balance between pleasurable scenery and urban city activities to explore. Plus, I’ve been a longtime Colts fan so it would be pretty neat to go to a game to cap of my weekend or week there in this hypothetical vacation.

What’s your favorite pastime activity?

I just like hanging out with people, if you’re in the company of the right people any time spent is an enjoyable time. I enjoy playing sports such as basketball and football with said friends. As the name implies, I enjoy sitting down to a good movie and all but can equally enjoy winding down with a good video game. Also, I like to think I find enjoyment in writing or else I really should of quit doing this by now.

Wakanda, Coruscant, or Hogwarts; which of these fictional worlds would you love to visit?

I would have to say Hogwarts because while some dusty castle school might not be the most beautiful location, I think I could kick it with those stressed out wizard kids. I feel like Coruscant would be too culturally foreign to me and I feel like Wakanda is sort of like Hawaii or France where the locals secretly hate all the tourist. Though if I could cheat the question, Asgard would be an intriguing destination. Hmm…

What’s your favorite novel of all time?

I already answered I think favorite book in the first Sunshine Blogger Post and I discussed how reading wasn’t my favorite of hobbies. I love story and narrative but I probably have read less than my siblings. I don’t have a personal affinity for it but I’d say The Great Gatsby and To Kill a Mockingbird are pretty good and while I have not read it I know about The Picture of Dorian Gray and would recommend that to someone looking for an interesting read.

What’s your favorite sporting event?

The Superbowl, it’s the one major sport where all the stakes are in that single game. It’s the one event that whether it be for the commercials or whatever reason I enjoy that more casual or even not really fans at all are watching and taking interest in it. It’s intriguing to see all the unique perspectives and to not only witness the grandest sports game of the year but experience and share it around. I love the Superbowl and usually I just have my fingers crossed that we get an interesting close game which… hit or miss I guess.

Final thank you

Thanks for all the times you and everyone has decided to stop by the movies. It’s weird to think of where we started and how much blog and personal growth I’ve experienced through those two years. Honestly I don’t like much attention on myself so if this post achieves anything I hope it’s that those other blog anniversaries get celebrated, people should go check out Annlyel’s stuff because she does a great job covering the major blockbusters and is great person and maybe take some time to look at the “at the movies” section which features many wonderful blogs of people kind enough to follow this mess. Right now the greatest thing I’ve accomplished under the K moniker has been just meeting and interacting with the kind, thoughtful, and interesting people I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I leave this as a sort of Q&A if anyone stopping by in the next 24-48 hours has a question I will try my best to answer that question in the comments.

Alright. Alright. Thank you, good night. I hope you’re happy. *Confetti*

3 thoughts on “Celebrating Bloggers’ Anniversaries/ Sunshine Blogger Award Part 2

  1. Congratulations on your nomination and your blogiversary! I celebrated my first blogiversary back in February and to be celebrate, I created the Gold Sally Awards! This is an interactive way to celebrate 18 Cinema Lane’s journey as well as the community that helped this blog grow. The Gold Sally Awards is still going on, with the last voting division being the Hallmark Star of the Year. Check it out if you get the chance!


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