What am I doing. I thought I said like two posts ago I was on hiatus but just like the Leprechaun franchise I just keep popping up for some reason. Now if you’ve seen my site before then you may be aware of two things: One I often entertain myself with making custom thumbnails for my posts and two they always end up looking something like this.

Now I don’t call myself a digital artist that would be an insult to anyone with eyes but I do like to dabble in very cheap forms of design and see what I can do without all the fancy software and years of experience. This post actually has an ulterior motive which I might delete this post. I’m only making it because about a couple months ago, a blog I follow had revealed a concept art for a logo for the blog. I don’t know why I didn’t have the normal response of anyone else and go “hey, that’s cool.” But instead decided, why don’t I try and see if I could make that.

So if you aren’t following, or haven’t heard of 18 Cinemalane I’d encourage you to do so. The blog mainly focuses on Hallmark Channel Movies and that’s such a niche little universe that I don’t watch much of but I think it’s an interesting realm of its own that I appreciate that someone in the community of movie bloggers is covering it. Let’s link some of her stuff to make sure she sees this:

1st Annual Sally Awards Arrive! (Also includes a reference to what we’re attempting to make if you’d like to cross-reference)

The Man with Two Faces Review

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 Review

K… are you doing this without permission….



A wise man once told me that it’s better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. I originally intended to just email or DM Ms. Silverscreen but I couldn’t find that on their site, I really see no harm no foul in this I just decided since I decided to make it, it should at least be shown and maybe it’s away for me to talk to anyone who is interested in graphic design but is discouraged because they don’t consider themselves an artist and aren’t willing to pay for Adobe or higher level software.

Making a logo

So first if you’re not willing to pay for Adobe products which I recommend if you know what you’re doing, but if you want to dabble I know of three alternatives you could consider.

  • Photo Pos Pro V3 ( This is what I use and in terms of interface and utility it is very similar to Photoshop/Illustrator. It has a free version and a paid version I don’t know exactly what the difference is but the only thing I’ve really come to have issues with is a strict file size to 1024 x 1024 px. Highly recommend in terms of using it, I’ve had some bugs with opening the software so consider this.
  • Gimp 2 Doesn’t click with me, has some funky decisions in terms of utility and personally I just don’t like it but it does have some of the tools to know if you’re interested in a photo editor.
  • Microsoft Powerpoint In terms of convenience and simplicity, Powerpoint actually has some decent things to use if you’re looking to do more basic pieces. Decent detection of deleting simple clipart backgrounds, grids and ruler view and some artistic and text effects that if you’re willing to start at a minimalist style it could be a place to start.

The process here: So first I decided the tough task with the design idea by Sally was to get the film reel heart. I decided it was outside of my skill set and software to create this from scratch so I decided to look for a base to use.

Of course you don’t want to steal other people’s art so please search with the Google search set to Tools: Usage: Labeled for Free Use and always check the image source and confirm the license for the photo.

I found the base for our finished image here on Kisspng.

But you can go to other sites like pixabay, Wikimedia Commons, public domain pictures.net, pxhere, shutterstock, etc.

Next we want to make the heart gold, so here’s the tutorial for how this was achieved with Photo Pos 3.


Please not I took some creative liberty with the tutorial that included reducing the glow, altering the base colors a smidge, and adjusting the shadow angle to get a better look across the shape.

Now I thought I already proved what the gold effect would look like so instead, I wanted to show a different look for the text and also one that made it stand out and pulled focus towards the center. Subtle particle effects on the gold and inside the heart where to add some texture and detail to those sections. This is what we ended up with.

However, I decided that there’s was a lot of pizzazz and a lot of experimentation in this design that I wanted to just quickly whip up another simple idea while we were at it.

I always kind of believe in the “crayon” theory of logo design, and that’s that your logo so be simple enough that a child could draw it with crayon, hence why McDonald’s is one of the most recognizable logos in the biz.

I was curious as to what you would think of using something like this:

While it is just simple shapes, I think it is easily recreatable, and feels in tune with your brand. My initial thought was to show how you could play with different color palettes with the top being the main and the second could be a “classic hollywood” look but it could easily translate to the top being Hallmark versus the bottom being Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.


Ms. Silverscreen I apologize for this extreme act of unprofessionalism, I decided to just have fun with it. I understand that your personal brand is well personal so I completely understand if you have no interests in any of these edits, I thought it would be at least worth it to know that they are available if you so desire them. If you’d like me to rework something ( I don’t have the time as of now) but I’d be glad to maybe improve upon them at some time, if you’d like me to delete the post for whatever reason let me know.

If anyone else stumbles upon this…. why. Well first go check out 18 Cinemalane… pretty cool. 2nd If you were interested in this topic and would like me to do this again, leave a like or a comment and maybe your wish may just come true. I am incredible tired, a need to go take a long sleep. Thank you for humoring me… may you have a fantastic day.

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