“Hiatus”. K if you have enough time to complete a whole college basketball bracket then couldn’t you have used that time to make another review or blog post. Well yes, but actually no.

With march madness upon us, I must share with you that I have a clairvoyance, a gift to see into the future. Okay not really but I think it’s always fun to do one of these and I’d encourage anyone even if they aren’t the most sports savvy person to give it a try.

So my clairvoyance, my gander into the beyond started when I filled my first college bracket in 2010 when I correctly choose the Duke Blue Devils to win the national title game. I tested my psychic ability again and picked a rare #3 seed to win it all which just so happened to be the Kemba Walker UCONN team that ended up winning it all. The year after that, I picked UNC and yeah that was wrong. I did go 3/4 picking the Louisville Cardinals lead by Russ Smith and Peyton Silva but after that I had a fair share of duds and took years off. But I’m back, coming off last year where if you scroll all the way down you’ll see a bracket that correctly predicts Villanova winning the big game, by yours truly.

I hear you dear reader who sees through my shameless bragging, ” K I watch movies and don’t follow basketball” or “I’m not from America” and to that I say nonsense filling out a bracket can still be fun.

Despite being able to correctly predict a national champion half the time, my brackets are laughably bad. The NCAA Tournament is the perfect sporting event for people who don’t know anything about sports.

  1. There is literally 68 teams to choose from with so many different color schemes, mascots, reputations, and logos that I’m sure you can find one you like.
  2. The tourney is often so bizarre that a 12 year old can outperform a professional sports analysis. Literally last year a team that had a 100% chance of winning lost to a Golden Retriever team.
  3. The tourney is designed to give you a little investment in a ton of games which many will be close. Basketball is typically a fast pace sport and crucial decisions late in the game can make or break your bracket.
  4. Everyone sucks at it. Literally everyone just ends up feeling terrible by the end of it because things go terribly wrong so its a mutual suffering.

I encourage you to try it out with some friends, co-workers, families, and see if you can out do the likes of me or some of your favorite celebrities.

Here’s my predictions for reference:

  • Duke is just too freakin’ talented it’s hard to bet against them.
  • The heavy belief is that Michigan State is the greatest threat to Duke but my intuition tells me one of those teams fails to make it to the elite 8 which could be Duke but the Spartans might get caught sleeping against a good Louisville or Maryland team.
  • Don’t know why I’m vibing Purdue this year, they’re my gut instinct this year.
  • Saint Mary’s just beat Gonzaga so either they’re gonna be feeling themselves or that prediction is going to look really pathetic.
  • Gonzaga is just notorious for not making the final four. Maybe this is their year but wouldn’t be surprised if Syracuse battles them out.
  • Murray State is a good upset pick as they and Marquette both rely on a star player but I think Markus Howard can get the Eagles over one hump.
  • New Mexico St. is my epic random Cinderella story, I don’t fill these out to be getting a lot of “points” but to pop off when I make absurd outlandish predicts and have them come true.
  • Kentucky is Kentucky, UNC is UNC one of them probably goes to another Final Four.

I’m gonna look stupid when Duke wins…. but I just don’t like super teams. UNC is a good team, a good program so the bracket spoke and that’s who I’m going with. However, the curse of my clairvoyance is that whoever I place in 2nd place…. Never EVER makes it to the Elite 8. Sorry Duke, looks like you caught the curse hopefully you guys got some Zion shoe glue and will prove me wrong.
This is my results from last year which I thought I was doing terrible but ended in the Top 10% of ESPN users. I would recommend doing your bracket on ESPN as the do provide matchup comparisons and small narratives on each team that makes you somewhat knowing of what you’re doing. If you’re interested my bracket last year, it’s blurry because of my shame…. or because WordPress doesn’t support PDF you be the judge.
My bracket from last year… pretty good. Got 1/2 the final four right and only barely picked Kansas overDuke. Had a hunch that the South was weak but who would have thunk Loyola-Chicago and Sister Jean would be a thing.

I hope you take the challenge and try your hand at picking which mascot is your favorite I mean which ball players will shoop it and scoop it into the sports hole. What do you think of my predictions, share your own in the comments below. Support other bloggers I know we have a weird movie bracket, and some Disney prince brackets floating around the blog-sphere so share your favorites in the comments if you feel inclined so that maybe me and others will check them out I don’t know.

This took longer than expected…. back to hiatus. Thanks for joining me, good luck and I’ll see you in Minneapolis!

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