I might be going on Hiatus… I’m adjusting to a new schedule and I’m kind of wondering if I’m going to be able to keep a “steady” and “quality” stream of content for the time being (in air quotes because you could argue I don’t do that to begin with). I have some ideas of what to post so I’m sure I will find the time and get some stuff out but given the circumstances I want to take the chance to venture out a bit. Basically I’m going to dust off the old Twitter that I have to check trending topics, and make sure nobody takes my unoriginal handle and actually go out and follow some of you wonderful people.

I use Twitter to see different perspectives/get a sense of what’s going on in the world and don’t care too much about unfiltered spewing of the nonsense that I’m thinking. It might be neat to give my little thoughts here and there as a substitute to committing to a full ramble on the site. So I’m going to follow some of you peeps so I guess brace yourselves, and If you’d like to follow me, I’ve updated my twitter and maybe…. just maybe will I actually start using it.

Follow me or let me know if you want a follower I’m down to check out your stuff I guess, inflate your ego…. sure why not.

That’s it, thank you and I will see you at the movies.

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