Maybe just American audience’s but why was Childish Gambino’s “Me and Your Mama” the theme of Oscars. I swear, every commercial break that car commercial came on. Did you enjoy the Academy Awards… as Dora the Explorer would say “Me Too”. Sorry to anyone hoping to make a non-english film and win best picture those two things are mutually exclusive and is NEVER going to happen.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t post at all last week, I talk about movies and I failed to have an obligatory “Oscar prediction” or “what my Oscars would have been” post. Shame and what is my excuse? One, procrastination can be a bitch sometimes, two I had an idea but it didn’t come together well in execution.

I was going to present what I was going to call… The NOTSCARS in which, I reviewed the film’s that came up when I looked for Best Picture Nominees on streaming services and then review them. I didn’t know how to handle the concept as if it should have been a tease, with comments that sound like it refers to the actual film and then reveal the concept at the end, or if I wanted to both address criticism of both the knock-off and it’s counterpart or if I just wanted a fun “he-he reviews garbage movies”. Essentially I ran into the problem of how do I make people care or entertain people with 8 movies no one cares about………………………………..ironic isn’t it.

What Where the NOTSCAR FILMS?

The films I was going to include were:

Lego Black Panther: Shamelessly bland commercial product for 5 year-olds, really nothing to say except for all the Infinity War is better crowd… this 20 minute animation is pretty much just what if Thanos was in Black Panther so therefore it is the definitive version.

Viceroy’s House: “brings a balanced perspective to its worthy, historically grounded story while taking care to enliven the details with absorbing drama” is the critic consensus from Rotten Tomatoes about not vice but Viceroy’s House. Not that Rotten Tomatoes should be the end all be all of the quality of a film but I find it kind of funny that my knock-off movie has a better score than the actual Vice. Viceroy’s House also features someone who is thrusted into a powerful position and really questions the lifestyle and ethics of former political figures in a more dramatic tale but instead of the American politics it’s about the British empowerment over India ending. Neat movie, a little dry for my taste.

Queen: Mercury Rising : Kind of a nice appreciation of the band, and it is always nice to see the performances and hear the bangers but this documentary just feels barebones. Hope you love the Ken Burns effect because it is not used sparingly here and if you didn’t like that image the first time, well you’re going to see it again so bummer.

Roma- The Eternal City: This was just a travel documentary for Rome. It had some nice views of the city and like the real Roma did kind of give a fascinating insight into the heart of the city that just sparks my lust for adventure. Was kind of slow, but unlike Best Picture Roma it was not 3 hours long which was much appreciated.

A Star is Born [1937] : Amazon Prime had the original star is born starring Janet Gaynor and what can I say this is a classic. It’s kind of funny that the first Best Picture nominee in color, is remained with a really subdued color palette (not that it looks bad, but still something interesting). I find it odd that on its fourth iteration no producer had the great idea to maybe…. discover a new star. Especially today when there’s such an interest in meta commentary that instead of doing what Roma did and introduce a new star to Hollywood? There will always be something disingenuous about some of the most famous mega-stars on the planet selling this narrative of wow, I can be a star too but it is such a charming tale about the duality of fame that comes across in each iteration.


My absolute favorite of the bunch, the one that was horrific, confusing mess that makes me laugh is… The Black Klansman. Originally titled I Crossed The Color Line, Ted. V. Mikels directors something that provides shockingly progressive commentary for the time, while also being a shocking blaxploitation film at its worst. I’m sorry but if you thought Spike Lee made the KKK look like a bunch of backward nincompoops then watch this and see it taken a step up. The whole thing is that this film about a black guy infiltrating the Klu Klux Klan to pretty much complete the revenge plot of Old Boy is played by a white guy.

Not just any white guy, but a guy who played Posnovsky, A SOVIET COSMONAUT on the rockin’ show I Dream of Jeannie. I look at the end of the movie he pulls his wig off and reveals to the KKK Cyclops that he has been a black man this whole time…. are you??? The phone scene in this is absolutely hilarious, just for how wild the mood shift is and how overly melodramatic it gets. It is not a good scene if you are not asking “is she okay?” after it. It is certainly shocking and with just how far attached from modern sentiments that it is just a hoot for me.

That’s All Folks

[ insert end paragraph here ]

Just kidding guys, I’m not that lazy. Have a good one, hope y’all enjoyed the Oscars, let me know what you thought in the comments and I’ll see ya around.

2 thoughts on “The “NOTSCARS” Cancelled. The Black Klansman (Review)

  1. Oh and if anyone wants to know I did recently see Spike Lee’s Blackkklansman and it was pretty good. It told an interesting daring story that had a lot to say about identity and conviction, and Spike Lee was at it again displaying his stylized filmmaking and political views with the subtlety of a jackhammer.


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