It’s February 14 and we all know what that means……. IT’S KRAFT SINGLES DAY! A day where we celebrate literally no one’s favorite American cheese product….. how odd. Oh, I guess it’s Valentine’s Day too. I just want to say to all those happy couples I hope y’all don’t stress out to much and enjoy each other and have a wonderful day. To all those in Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band…. who cares it a commercialized holiday, and there’s no shame in focusing on yourself and learning to love yourself and be a better person which I’m sure will lead to healthier relationships down the road.

It seems that the stars have aligned: I wanted to do something for good old V-day, and I was in the beginning stages of planning on doing something for the 100 WordPress Follower Milestone I will get……………………………….. eventually. That’s when I was actually surprised to stumble upon some delightful news.

Thank You! “You, Me and Benny”

I was completely taken off-guard when a couple months ago I got my first one of these when, 18 Cinema Lane nominated me for The Blog Complainer Appreciation Award and I genuinely appreciated that the community of people here had in some capacity acknowledged me (thanks again guys). So I would have thought my next award would come…. never.

Yet here we are, of course all thanks to Ashli over at You, Me, and Benny. I kind of have just recently stumbled upon this blog and we had a quite a nice little exchange following each other and liking a couple posts. Now I’m one of her nominees for her well deserved Versatile Blogger Award. Versatile seems very fitting for You, Me, and Benny because I can’t even tell you what they’re all about. There’s stuff about dogs, and Disney and just livin’ life…. but then as writing this I’m listening to a podcast about murder? I love it, a great place to find great content on a great array of topics.

Thank you, I genuinely appreciate receiving this and it has greatly reminded me of how this platform is great for getting to meet people and exploring all sorts of fun, or interesting, or meaningful content.

Anyone unfamiliar with the Versatile Blogger Award here is the list of chores you get to do for winning. Shouldn’t complain it sure bets an American Idol contract.

Award Rules and Info

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Link to the blog of the person who nominated you.
  3. Say 7 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 more bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.

7 Facts about K

  1. Recently, when I haven’t been writing I’ve been big into Smash Ultimate, definitely having a lot of fun (mains: Jigglypuff, Lucina, and Falcon).
  2. I am a middle child.
  3. A fun fact particularly to this blog is that I was recruited to participate in Movie Pilot’s program which if elevated to verified creators you would start earning revenue for all your writing. It was a neat-o experience: I got verified, had two posts published on their main site, and was one of the last verified writers before the entire platform shutdown (probably not related to me…. probably). Overall I earned roughly $4 and used it to get a meal at Jack in the Box. How fun.
  4. If you remember a few years ago a puzzle game that got popular was “2048”. I didn’t really get into it initially but then I looked for like something to mindlessly do with my hands while watching a video or reading something online so I got into doing puzzles particularly that game. Haha I’ve gotten pretty good at it, below is a screenshot of my personal best and I implore you to try and beat it.
  5. I’m sorry I was eating Chick-Fil-A so I got food on the brain. Maybe not the most interesting fact but I guess if I were to say my favorite food I’d have to say chicken parmesan with a side of Fettuccine Alfredo and a chocolate shake is my meal when I go to death row.
  6. Recently I was an intern at my local film festival and reviewed over 200 short films, feature films, and screenplays.
  7. To wrap it up my final fun fact would be I’m near ambidextrous or maybe more accurately cross-dominant apparently. Most learned skills such as writing and throwing I’m right-handed but most anything else is fair game and I probably won’t even recognize the difference. Can’t use chopsticks though that shit don’t make no sense no matter what hand or foot I put that in.

For any reason if this didn’t satisfy you I may take your questions in the comments. Now on to my nominees and because I like making things harder than they have to be…. I mean I’m feeling extra appreciative today I’m not just nominating them but listing one of my favorite posts by them in hopes that anyone reading might go and give these a chance if they feel so inclined to do so.

My Nominees

1. Slice of Alfredo – A Little Blog Anniversary/ Birthday Post

Happy belated Birthday, congrats on reaching your anniversary! I appreciate your knowledge on Anime.

2. Master Mix Movies – About My Blog

Odd to refer someone to somebody’s about page, but it really shows how much thought goes into every post and the format which all and all gave me better appreciation for each post.

3. Lucy Goes To Hollywood – Why Creating a Film Blog Changed my Life

I honestly don’t know if anyone is actually going to stumble or reply to these but This recommended post is something I highly encourage you to give a read. Genuinely inspiring, definitely a critic worthy of shouting out here on WordPress.

4. The Post Credit Scene – The Best Picture Redraft

I love this websites graphics, the visual presentation is always looking sharp, definitely deserves more followers so if you’re reading this then please consider.

5. K “atie” at the Movies – Review: “Christopher Robin”

Congrats Katie on reaching 100 followers on WordPress (I’M SURE IT’S REALLY NICE….. I’LL LET YOU KNOW WHEN I GET THERE…. Not salty.) A lot of fun reviews, so sorry that everyone’s been bamboozled, so if you want to follow the real “K” at the movies than Katie’s Christopher Robin review is a good place to start.

6. Cublikefoot – 91st Academy Awards Prediction

Yes, us top hat gentlemen must stick together.

7. Screen Zealots – Roma

Great duo of critics, they always got something interesting to say about many films.

8. Princess State of Mind – ‘Moana,’ The Hero’s Journey, And The Future Of The Disney Princess Narrative

While making it difficult for me to write a longer line of flattery than that post title, discussing Disney princesses has always been fun in the film community and no better place to find expertise than Faith and her comment section.

9. Isabelle Reviews Movies – The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Season 2 (Amazon – 2018)

Umm…. Hi Isabelle don’t know if you’ll see this but good job on them reviews, good luck with this film critic in training stuff.

10. Tracy’s Screen Blog – Movie Review: A Christmas Prince

Ignore that the sites main image spikes my anxiety, and you get some pretty solid reviews. Plus you’re going to get really good at those “guess the movie title from the emojis” if you visit this blog.

11. 366 Weird Movies – 99 YEARS OF WEIRDNESS, IN NUMBERS

I love weird film and I’m so very glad there is a place to where I can go and see some truly bizarre stuff thanks 366 Weird Movies I hope you find peace when you make it to that 366th weird film.

12. Glitterati * Lobotomy – Movies About Existential Crisis: A Shameless Clickbait List

You shameless, self-aware wanna be Watchmojo…. love your work. Honestly some pretty banger lists, and a site that is just pretty to look at.

13. I Drink and Watch Anime – Thank You

Yes I’m recommending another anime blog, I’m not one to play favorites. Irina I’m really sorry for your recent loss, thank you for doing a great job being open and expressing such a difficult emotion to grasp. Love your content, doubt you acknowledge this but I hope you accept this token of my appreciation.

14. Dan the Man’s Movie Reviews – Velvet Buzzsaw

Dan, I know you know me Dan, I’m sorry to bother you but filling out these 15 slots ain’t easy Dan. Dan’s left a couple comments and likes on some of my old stuff so I consider him a “friend of the show” in a sense. Cool guy, been around the block… you’re the man Dan.

15. Wildfire Movies – Black Panther (2018)

Sorry if this bothers you. Honestly maybe the queen of blogger film reviewers, easily one of the best. Has good credentials and I love hearing about all these classics, most I’m still trying to get to. I’m just here to recommend good content and while there’s a lot of sites I like such as MovieBabble, The Movie Guys, and Assholes Watching Movies etc. you gotta respect Wildfire Movies for being one of the best solo personality driven blogs here on the WordPress.

Thank You Everyone

I just wanted to end this by saying I really did reflect upon my history of writing and look back at all my followers and see what everyone is up to. It was honestly kind of a bummer, because in some sense it reminded me of a lot of great blogs and creators who don’t post anymore/ have completely disappeared and it’s really a shame to have lost them. At the same time, it’s awe-inspiring to see how some people have grown or continue to thrive writing and expressing themselves.

I guess I never know when my ride stops, but I feel like there’s definitely been some growth from day 1 and I’m just beyond appreciative to all the people who’ve been a part of the 100 (eventually), liked, read a post, or anything that played a role in keeping this blog alive.

Please go explore all the great creators mentioned throughout this post, and thank you everyone for doing what only you can do. This has been K, watch your step, exit is going to be on your left and as always I’ll see you next time, at the movies.

14 thoughts on “Feelin’ The Love! Receiving and Giving Out The Versatile Blogger Award/ 100-ish Follower Special

    1. You’re welcome, I’m thankful for the opportunity to brighten people’s day. Thanks for the kind tweet, not only did it remind me my twitter does…. well exist but it’s been really nice to see how warmly received this post has been.


  1. Oh wow – K thank yu so much for the mention. Little things like this really cheer me up and this is exactly why I remain so in awe of this community. And also thank you for making me discover your blog!
    Congratulations on your milestone and award! I’m sure both are the first of many to come!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m really glad to hear this cheered you up, it feels really good to know I can have a positive effect on people with what little platform/soapbox I have. Thanks for all the kind words, it really means a lot when someone who makes incredible content approves of your stuff. Thought it might be a little awkward or odd nominating someone who wasn’t already following me but I’m certainly glad I did.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome, I’m glad the stars aligned and gave me an opportunity to do something nice for people. Thanks for the friendly comment, and again for making all the wonderful content you make.


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