I hate the idea of blowing things out of proportion but bear with me. This is the first time anything like this has happened here.

If you’ve spent enough time exploring the content in the depths of WordPress, then I’m sure you’ve stumbled upon some mention of blogger awards you know: Versatile, Mystery and Sunshine blogger to name a few I’ve occasionally come across. At first, I thought this was some Pulitzer Prize type of thing that was an annual thing that like the people in charge of the discover page ran and gave to the top blogs in each of these categories. Instead I grew to learn, these are sort of community chain mails, ways to connect and support other sites as well as giving an opportunity for authors to take a step back from their content and do some sort of list or challenge that can a short insight into the person behind that site.

Recently I stumbled (literally stumbled) across that I had been nominated for none other than The Blog Complainer’s Appreciation Award.

Blog Complainer's Appreciation Award

Now I mean… this is a jpeg of a medal with an MS Paint face on it… so I don’t know why, but this means a lot to me. Sometimes I thought if I just kept at it and continued to gradually improve the content, I post that someday my day for one of these would come, and other times I was like… yeah that’s never gonna happen. I don’t want to live life underappreciating the smaller things, I’m grateful that someone created and bestowed such a gracious gesture my way. So, I have my thank you and following pieces to the award that let’s just get into it with my typical knack for brevity.

Mention who made this award and who picked you

The Blog Complainer Appreciation Award comes from Cameron Black of The Blog Complainer. Cameron is “known for his Movie/TV Reviews & general complaininess” and when he’s not creating awards that circulate with such a low standard that I can get them he’s giving some fun hot takes on the likes of Robin Hood, Suicide Squad, and The Crimes of Griswold.  Thank you, I think it’s awesome you’re trying to bring people together and your award is this blog’s first, so it will always have a special place here.

However, I am a recipient of this award all thanks to Sally Silverscreen (if that even is your real name) from 18 Cinema Lane. First… bold of you to assume I would read the exact post, I mean I do try to see what other people are writing about but me coming across that I had been one of your nominees was rather serendipitous. I mean hey, it worked I would just maybe suggest shooting out an email or linking my site so when my little bell thing goes off, I know.

Joking aside, if anyone reading this by some chance hasn’t visited 18 Cinema Lane, I would highly encourage you to do so. I adore the site, I think it has a lovely aesthetic, the posts are greatly written, I think it’s awesome you’re tapping into that niche market of Hallmark Movies making a really original movie blog. I hope you keep up the good content, I think you’re deserving of continuing to grow and to prosper on your site and above all you continue to have fun with it. I definitely think you deserve a larger audience, and I honestly believe if the shoe was on the other foot, I would have probably nominated you for such an occasion. A sincere thank you, I truly appreciate it.

Name your top 5 

It could be about anything….. how intimidating. As it being that festive time of the year I’m doing my five media recommendations for the holiday season. How fun.

  1.  The Killers Don’t Waste Your Wishes

One of my favorite bands for reasons unknown is alternative rock band The Killers. The band over a decade long span to raise money for the Product Red campaign (charity for HIV/AIDS in African Countries) released a Christmas single every year.  Instead of your typical Michael Bublé or Mariah Carey Christmas album which covers the expected classics, The Killers offer a wide variety of originals that attempts to capture the many emotions of the holiday season. The songs include some interesting and unusual collaborates with: Elton John, Jimmy Kimmel, Dawes and even includes a trilogy of songs featuring Richard Dreyfuss as a sadistic vigilante Santa Claus. It’s fun and energetic and captures the heart of the holiday if you can I’d say give it listen or find the music videos and give them a try.

2. Olive the Other Reindeer

In the early 2000’s The Simpsons and Futurama creator Matt Groening fell in love with a children’s book by J.Otto Seibold and Vivian Walsh titled with the quirky pun, Olive the Other Reindeer. Groening would preside over the film adaptation as the executive producer and even a decade later I find it endearingly one of the most unique 3D animated tv specials. The early 3D animation while rough at times, the mimicry of the books stylized 2D illustrations gives a unique look that still holds up today. It’s a cute story from Barrymore’s portrayal of the candid protagonist, to the fun but often weird story of a scheming mail man and jerkish reindeers. The movies has been drifting into obscurity but who knows I could see Olive recontextualized for an LGBTQ audience that can relate to character’s relatable struggle with identity. Overall a joyful story with upbeat music Olive the Other Reindeer is a delightful flick for the whole family.

3. Fanny & Alexander and It’s A Wonderful Life

For those looking for an enriching themselves in holiday cinema, these two films are simply divine. Ingmar Bergman’s Fanny and Alexander while probably too dense to constitute as just a holiday movie, a large portion of the film occurs during the holiday and it is probably one of the most extravagant Christmas settings put to film. Fanny and Alexander is a masterpiece with rich cinematography the captures the warmth of Christmas and has perfect themes of family and nostalgia. If you want one cinema marvel that captures what it’s like to be a child in awe of the delights of the season… all for it to be ripped away in some Lion King -esque melodrama then this is for you.

As for It’s A Wonderful Life… hopefully you’ve seen it by now. While I’m not saying these are my favorite xmas themed media, I just couldn’t leave the Capra directed, Jimmy Stewart starring, wondrous classic off the recommendations.

4. A Christmas Prince and Grandma got Ran Over by a Reindeer

I’ve recommended some good, but I also want to recommend the bad, and the ugly. Netflix’s A Christmas Prince is hilarious. I love how it takes this done to death premise and takes in some many odd directions. I’m really curious to how genuine the love for this movie is. I mean there’s like: Polio in modern times, disguises, and a birther scandal??? It truly has some of the oddest choices that it can only be contested by one film.

The animated tv film Grandma got Ran Over by a Reindeer. If you thought that this song is a very thin inspiration for an entire movie plot…. Yes, it is! How they decided to fill the runtime is just of hodgepodge of random things it really is fun in all the wrong ways. We got: The state of Kentucky belching, fruit cake is the McGuffin, an Elvis impression, inflatable Christmas tree, and it all ends with the final act being a juicy Phoenix Wright goofy court drama. Christmas movies are supposed to be fun even when they’re so so so bad. So maybe just take them with a grain of salt and give them a chance instead of putting them under this heavy scrutiny microscope…. Please just leave Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer alone.

5. Try something New

I’m going to wrap this up with a cop out. I think in this holiday season we can be so set on traditions or the familiar that sometimes we don’t take the time to view something new this time around. There’s always something new… I mean there’s a new Christmas Prince am I right? Netflix has been releasing a ton of stuff and maybe something in there’s a hidden gem. I tried to look up Top 100 Christmas movies and on one IMDb list an interesting oddity drew my eye. So I think for my personal “try something new” I will be giving a watch to The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. All the reviews are glowing, I’m aware I might have to do some homework of the series but It seems a rare thing of a Christmas, Anime movie I’m down to see what that looks like. Hopefully I’ve given you some good suggestions and hey leave some for me if you’d like but let’s try to expand our horizons and try something new…. Except the Star Wars Holiday Special don’t give that a chance… no thank you.

Mention Something about myself

… No thank you. Next.

I’m not a fan of talking about myself, but I guess I have to so here we go.

Favorite Game Show: It used to be the Family Feud, definitely probably the funniest to play but baiting people into answering suggestive questions only goes so far in terms of entertainment. Jeopardy is starting to get enjoyable know that I’m smart enough to know a couple answers here and there. However, if you’ve seen this show called Divided… it is pure evil and I love it. 4 strangers have to answer multiple choice questions and they all have to reach a consensus while the potential money earned slowly drips away. The big twist at the end is that the money is unequally split up (team votes off a member midway and the remaining 3 have a 60:30:10 split that they all have to agree upon who gets what). So if you want to see humanity at its worst, while learning about Magazine polls it’s a high recommend.

Favorite Movie Candy: Used to be Mike & Ike and Junior Mints, recently the go to has been Reese’s Pieces.

Favorite Color:  Red or Blue. Though purple is always pretty cool as well.

Favorite Position on a Film Crew: Being a production assistant is usually enjoyable, low-stakes and low-stress there’s people you get to learn from and you’re there to do whatever is possible to increase efficiency and be extremely helpful. Operating the boom mic is the opposite, huge stakes don’t mess up the audio. However, it’s very rewarding to get crisp clean audio takes, and it’s a lot of fun to listen through a shotgun mic. Then camera for live streaming events is nonstop and wild and it’s a heck of a lot of fun. The communication is key and you have to be dependable so they angle is there to switch onto your camera and when you nail the shot it’s a great feeling.

Hobbies outside of the movies: I’m big into sports, primarily basketball and football. Tend to have played more basketball, while I’m more invested into watching football. I’m a Colts fan, which I don’t think it’s happening but fingers crossed they’re making that playoff run.  I’ve had friends go out and watch soccer with this super fan group which was a pretty neat experience.

Complete A Challenge

Now this is fun, it was something I thought about doing a while back but never got around to it and now it’s time to reveal some fun. I will be doing a post using the help of Reelgood Roulette. 

Reelgood is a website that makes choices for indecisive idiots like me who can never figure out what to watch. Choose from a variety of services and set your settings to preferences in Genre, TV/Movie, IMDB score or Rotten Tomato score. (I’m not sponsored I don’t know why I’m practically doing a sponsor read for this site… guess cuz it’s cool so go check it out).

RIP Filmstruck

I will set all preferences to random, I will only be spinning for my main services of Amazon Prime, and Netflix and I will spin the wheel 3 times and then I will have to watch those movies or Television (2 episodes/ 1 hour worth) and review them so without further ado. My films are………

I believe I haven’t reviewed a documentary before… interesting.
Okay, I believe I’ve heard good things about this one but don’t know if I would have sought out to watch this one. I’ll take it.
Very surprised everything seems highly rated, I’ve never heard of this before so odd choices but could make for a strange first episode.

 My Nominees

This is the fun part… also the part that kind of sucks. This is no way me choosing favorites I’ve had the honor to checkout a lot fun, and cool and downright awesome sites I mean check out my “at the movies” section lots of cool people to check out there. I don’t know, I still consider myself relatively small and not having much interaction with really anyone all too much so umm, I’m just trying not to come across as a bothersome stranger. I picked four sites with enjoyable content that I’d recommend anyone to go check out, and if any of you four end up actually reading this, you’re free to participate at your own desires. My nominees are:

Alright you have 72 hours to accept or the Babadook will show up at the foot of your bed and ummsuck on your toesor something equally as unpleasant. You can follow my formatting to see all the sections that comes with the award post, or you can follow as described by 18 Cinema Lane or The Film Complainer.

That’s it thanks again to The Film Complainer and 18 Cinema Lane it was an honor. To my nominees hope you do your own version and have just as much fun as I have had. Finally to anyone reading this hope you’re having a fantastic day and will consider joining me for my next reward which will probably be five years from now they’ll reward me with a lengthy prison sentence. But until that day comes, have a wonderful day and I’ll see you at the movies.

3 thoughts on “I’ve Been Nominated for ‘The Blog Complainer’s Appreciation Award’

  1. Really good post, K! I like how you not only talk about movies, but also television and music. For recommendations, I would suggest some Hallmark Christmas movies! Both networks have made a lot of good ones that capture the spirit of Christmas really well!

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