Where’s the 3D animation at? Well right here, Greed is an animated short final project by Alli Sadegiani. I’m not going to lie to you I have no clue how to interpret Greed, there’s obviously some sort of warped and twisted self-reflection in the form of a demented allegory… but when I got to interpret it I can’t help that I’m either over-simplifying things or chasing red-herrings.  The atmosphere alone is why it’s one the list and honestly it is rarity on the list with its 3D rendering. This grungy, filthy animation style might cause you to be surprised that Sadegiani has been linked to probably some of your favorite, recognizable 3D animations. Maybe I’m over selling Alli but I think it safe to say you’ve heard of small movies like: Tangled, The Avengers, and Incredibles 2?

Please enjoy today’s featured short: Greed

I think it’s a very relatable short, I too have transformed into Hitler after popping pimples in a graffiti ridden public bathroom at least a couple times in my life. Don’t gambles kids, NOT EVEN ONCE. As I’ve already stated there is something inquisitively elusive about this short for me at least. Why does touching one zit cause money to appear, while another one doesn’t? Why does gold coins appear when dollar bills and gambling chips are proven to be in world currencies that could operate to the same effect? Why does turning into Hitler make the man shrink, Hitler was 5’9’’ does than mean Diablo from Suicide Squad here is at least 6’? Why does he have what looks like a skull and crossbones wearing the Pope’s hat tattoo? Why does his knuckle tattoos spell out Punani (don’t google image search that word) reference to punanimation or you know the “Punani”? Have I asked enough questions to justify it’s inclusion yet?

That’s it for today’s spooky short, be sure to check back tomorrow for another. Be sure to like and follow/subscribe to the feature creator to support the short shown and to like and follow me to follow along and support 31 spooks of October. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a spooky, scary month. Goodbye now.

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