Today’s new addition to the spook library brings us all the way to Ireland to appreciate the work of Emlyn Boyle. Waiting is the follow up to Boyle’s YouTube hit short animation One Winter’s Night and played at the 2013 Belfast Film Festival. Boyle is an experimental artist that dabbles in multiple mediums, but I’d recommend following Boyle on Twitter as his drawing and 2-D art is mesmerizing. The video title begs for no spoilers which I completely understand why so let’s not waste any more time with an introduction.

Please enjoy today’s featured short: Waiting


Despite the art style and rudimentary animation reminds me of the Nutshack, there’s a lot of good things in this short. The tension and subversion of expectations is superb; it’s a slow build up the keeps you on your toes. Despite how stiff the animation is overall, there is some cool techniques like motion camera effects and shading to make things more interesting to look at. This short is exemplary of how effective a tool silence can be, no dialogue yet I do believe the mental state of the characters are easy to imply. It interesting to see Boyle experiment as most of his art is drenched in bright oranges or rich greens to go into a black and white scheme for his animations. Boyle apparently has his third animated short in the work as well as continuing to explore a bunch of art medium.

That’s it for today’s spooky short, be sure to check back tomorrow for another. Be sure to like and follow/subscribe to the feature creator to support the short shown and to like and follow me to follow along and support 31 spooks of October. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a spooky, scary month. Goodbye now.


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