I’m only reviewing this because I’m producing the sequel, Country Roads, Take Me Gnome. It’s a road trip movie… but with gnomes. WHAT EVERYONE WANTS! Haha just…why did I watch this??

Netflix wanted to respond to all you Luke Cage and Iron Fist fans and delivery you something to keep your subscription and that’s apparently….Gnome Alone? I thought I’d watch the silly gnome movie and crack a few jokes here and there but the only joke is  this movie’s existent. How am I supposed to really grill this movie if COMMON SENSE MEDIA of all places is ripping into this movie.

“Unoriginal animated fantasy has some scary moments” – review summary by Barbara Shulgasser-Parker

Very boring movie :Dont bother with this film as it is very boring. – Adult review by slinkcube.

BEST ANIME MOVIE of 2018 – Kids review by YS99.

Eat your heart out Hero no Boku Academia, real anime comes from Canada. And hits the gnome quota. I honestly can’t compete with how comically harsh common-sense media is to this movie but I honestly don’t think it’s that bad.

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As for where my criticisms lie, I feel that the perfect way to describe this movie is that it comes across less as a piece of entertainment, or an artistic passion project but some sort of awfully complied product used to gather more specifics from focus-testing. I feel like a bunch of uninspired, and uncreative executives just did research and found things the kids would like: gnomes, and pop music, and media that tackles fitting in at school, and nerdy kids, and messages about overindulgence of smartphones. Then they took all those things and shoved them into one movie, for the sole purpose of a focus test screening and asking kids what they liked and didn’t like about the movie so they could find which one of these aspects is most effective.

It’s just one of those things that, I don’t think it’s really that bad all things considered, but I’m also surprised that this film wasn’t translated from a different language. The script seems like a poorly translated writing there’s one point where they point out how the 6 of them and their leader protect the house… because reasons? Then as if the film has short term memory a literally minute later they have to point out that there’s only six of them and their leader is dead (but not really). You would think there was a smooth transition opportunity of them talking about their leader Zangrief with a simple “where is he” but they wait a whole minute and then bring it up so inorganically it’s a little baffling. My confusion also continues with some of the overarching plot points. Everyone knows that a story with a character obsessed with a materialistic object that they’re going to have to give it up as some sort of character growth. Here, the nerdy boy voiced by Josh from Drake & Josh (who you can tell is really trying here so kudos to him and the entire voice cast really) just kind of takes it and it’s never presented as a personal sacrifice or character change. The character also is a little wishy-washy on their motives. pink-haired girl is constantly moving houses so they don’t want to make friends because she’ll just move away again a perfectly fine set-up. Then after making a three-pointer from Curry range, she impresses umm… Justin Bieber? This school’s version of Regina George who has the fashion sense of Billy Ray Cyrus for reasons? Wants to be her friend and now pink-haired girl wants friends so badly she is willing to get stepped over by Billie Rae. Safe to say this sounds a little, contradictory?

The only thing left to address is that some people consider this movie, scary? NOPE. okay I guess to elaborate more, the dark lighting creates some dynamic imagery that it would seem to have a more creepy tone, but neither the gnomes or circles are very scary at all. I don’t think even to most “smaller children” they’d be frightening. At the end of the day, that’s who this movie is for. Small children. Who are bored, and have time to kill. Underneath all the subpar storytelling and obvious corporate fingerprints there’s a decent story about true friendship.

What did you think of….who am I kidding nobody is watching this. Or reading this. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you at the movies!


[Image is from Gnome Alone credit: Netflix]

3 thoughts on “Don’t Be Caught ‘Gnome Alone’? (Review)

  1. I heard of this movie but never saw it. Certainly doesn’t look like my cup of tea when it comes to animation. Is it trying to be like a Dreamworks or Illumination project? Come on! I’ve seen things from Canada that were more interesting when it came to animation.

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    1. Haha I heard my comment section has been disappearing recently, glad that’s not the case for everyone. In terms of Dreamworks or Illumination… neither its more like one of those weird independent movies that ends up on Cartoon Network randomly, typically around a holiday the film resembles but I don’t think there’s any gnome days to suffice.

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