The Backwater Gospel – 31 SPOOKS of October

I miss Telltale Games. With 3 million views on YouTube Bo Mathorne’s Bachelor film project is a special caliber of animated short. I think this is so masterfully done from how deep rooted the story is, how unique the visuals are, and how thrilling the entire thing ends up being. I will warn you (NOT ONE FOR THE KIDDOS) I have some other cuties animations that I’d recommend showing your children, this one is just no don’t do that. Without given too much away, let’s visit Backwater and sees what happens when an unwelcome visitor comes to town.

Please enjoy today’s short: The Backwater Gospel

Anyone interested in the making of this, there is a detailed video on the process and this one is just so well made I highly recommend it. There’s a lot of rich storytelling in only 9 and a half minutes you could probably do a whole big essay on the religious subtexts, the psychology behind the paranoia and follower mentality, or how self-destructive people can be. All I’m going to say is don’t do this a huge disservice by oversimplifying its message as “religion bad” or “death scary”. One good take away from The Backwater Gospel is that animation or film or anyone collaborative project is just that… collaboration. I know we like to think of Rian Johnson single-handedly ruined Star Wars or one bad apple ruins the integrity of an entire group of people but compare The Backwater Gospel to some other animations on this list with a single-animator or smaller animation crews and you can really see the difference in quality. Not to knock on the other animators I think they’re great too but as they say two heads are better than one… well I don’t want to count the amount of names in these credits but I think it’s literally impossible for a single person to do the work of this many people:

Bo Mathorne – Director

Arthur Gil Larsen – Animation Lead

Mads Simonsen – Technical director

Thomas Grønlund – Animator

Rie Nymand – Animator

Esben Sloth – Art Director

Martin Holm-Grevy – Environment lead

Tue Toft Sørensen – Animator

Music composed and performed by:

Sons of Perdition

Voice actors:

The Tramp: Zebulon Whatley

The Minister: Lucien Dodge

Bubba: Phillip Sacramento

Towns people: Laura Post


Michelle Nardone – Production supervisor

Katrine Talks – Production supervisor

Jessie Roland – Animation supervisor

Christian Kuntz – Animatic supervisor

Patrick Voetberg – Editing supervisor

Sunit Parekh-Gaihede – CG supervisor

Jared Embley – Rigging supervisor

Thomas Christensen – Sound supervisor

Svend Nordby – Technical supervisor


Peter Albrechtsen – Sound design consultant

Michael Valeur – Story consultant

Andrew Harris – CG Consultant

Mads Juul – Animatic consultant

Saschka Unseld – 3D animatic consultant

Anna Kubik – 3D animatic consultant

Jericca Cleland – Story consultant

Marec Fritzinger – Design consultant

Tomm Moore – Design consultant

Lawrence Marvit – Design consultant

Niels Bach – Background consultant

Thanks to:

Lasse Niragira Rasmussen – Additional animation

Jeppe Bro Døcker – Additional animation

Morten Thorning – Moral guidance

Oliver Kirchhoff – Scripting

Those Poor Bastards – Inspiration

Robert Bennett – Voice work – Textures

Friends and family


Remember kids… who shouldn’t be here still, it takes a village. Unless that village’s plan is to murder people than it takes a clear mind to not be a lemming and get out of that situation my friend.

That’s it for today’s spooky short, be sure to check back tomorrow for another. Be sure to like and follow/subscribe to the feature creator to support the short shown and to like and follow me to follow along and support 31 spooks of October. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a spooky, scary month. Goodbye now.


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