Amy – 31 SPOOKS of October

I’m honestly just glad that Karlijin Scholten is alive at this point… well at least I think she is? While I know these are short, I’d like to think I do a respectable amount of research on the people and history behind these hidden gems and looking up Karlijin Scholten made me nervous. At least up to this point I haven’t been meet by much radio silence: Tumblr hadn’t updated in over a year, no tweets since February, domain name expired, and no major updates the IMDb or the Facebook group safe to say I was sweating. Before I worry you all, Karlijin Scholten posted a 2018 animation reel on her YouTube channel about a month ago. I could get a 2nd confirmation by contacting her company Facebook page, but that would probably just come across rude to ask why she hasn’t been posting, and then I have to ask them questions to get an “inside scoop” and I’m a loser who isn’t big enough internet presences to do that? Sure she’s just been business making these great animations, follow these channels if you’re interested in the animation.

Please enjoy today’s featured short: Amy

Talk about a short that makes the HKU Utrecht School of Art & Technology proud. I think it utilizes TV Paint software well, and the water paint backgrounds gives it a pleasing aesthetic. The visual metaphor reminds me of the indie movie I reviewed The Boys in the Trees and the mood is eerily somber. It’s great how sympathetic you can get with this blank expression, vacant sauce eyed child, as she learns to stand up for herself. As much as we’d like to consider this a happy ending to a tragedy story, one detail that often is probably overlooked is the opening image. A case file for the Pennhurst Mental Hospital, with an image of Mary besides it. It’s safe to say that Amy doesn’t get away with her revenge but that doesn’t take away from the comfort of the release from her personal hell. I loved taking a deep dive into Karlijin Scholten’s archives and I truly adore someone who is so versatile in art styles and vastly different stories.

That’s it for today’s spooky short, be sure to check back tomorrow for another. Be sure to like and follow/subscribe to the feature creator to support the short shown and to like and follow me to follow along and support 31 spooks of October. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a spooky, scary month. Goodbye now.


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