This collection of sorts is to celebrate all types of animation with the only requirement that it to some degree is to be considered spoopy. Today we have a criminally underrated stop motion short. This short was made for October 31 in 2009 so it fits perfectly in this Halloween inspired collection. I was surprised that according to that a majority of the figures and props were pre-made prior to this production. I can’t get over how exotic this short looks with the sepia color tones, the creepy stiltedness of it, and the old-timey design of the creatures.

I’m unsure as to what Grant Goans is doing as of the year 2018 but it seems like he’s still a story of moderate success. Everyone assumes it is a make or break industry were you work with the elite or get a day job and eventually just “give up” but Grant Goans appears to follow a humble middleground. The latest I got is he’s one of the jurors for the NW Animation Fest 2016 as well as has produced a few other stop motion animations since the almost decade after this short. As for the short itself I love how it took inspiration from Mirror mythos and spun it into so satisfyingly dark presentation. The way the demon’s tail move like mechanisms gives a thought-provoking connection between these inner/outer demons, and the march of time’s arrow.

I’m sure this series will go mostly unsung, or unviewed but if it gets anything I’m glad that something like Mirror that isn’t too widely known gets some a couple extra views then maybe it is all worth it.

Please enjoy today’s featured short: Mirror

That’s it for today’s spooky short, be sure to check back tomorrow for another. Be sure to like and follow/subscribe to the feature creator to support the short shown and to like and follow me to follow along and support 31 spooks of October. Thanks so much for stopping by and have a spooky, scary month. Goodbye now.

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