Wow it has been awhile, but it is good to be back. First… sorry to anyone following this site for just going dark for about a month with no explanation why. I figured I’m small and insignificant enough that, no one really is going to care if they’re getting posts from me or not but I guess if you follow this site you have at least some hope that I produce some content for ya and sorry that I have not been doing that.

The reason is that I’m busy with life and work and studies outside of this, but also because I really wanted to bring it in October,and I schemed up a plan to put my effort into doing something big for this Halloween month.

What was thought up is what I’m calling 31 Spooks of October and that it will be every night in October I will post an animation short that in some form or fashion is deemed by me to be Spooky to help give my fellow moviegoers some thrills and chills in the spirit of Halloween month.

I want a good mix and to find something for everyone so these aren’t necessarily the best horror or the scariest but multiple genres that range from cute to horrifying. I always have issue with how content I review shouldn’t be the sole draw of a post so each post comes with either me providing information on the animators, a review of the short, some analysis or something that attaches myself instead of just saying here’s the video, now watch it. These are not being re-uploaded as all videos are linking back to the original content owner who in no way indorse my work but I do wish to share these amazing animations that deserve more appreciation.

I’m glad to do a more official large scale idea with this site, and sorry to anyone annoyed with me filling your inbox all months, I completely understand if you want to take this journey and explore unique spooky videos or if this isn’t your thing and you ignore it completely. I will probably collect this into a YouTube playlist either periodically or on Halloween so you can easily watch most of the collection as a Halloween treat (also maybe watch the few horror reviews up on the channel by yours truly).

The big focus is to get this done smoothly all month, but I haven’t entirely ruled out doing other Horror inspired reviews such as Castlevania Anime Series, or horror movie review or doing the October film entry. I’ve updated the site to reflect the 31 spooks and have slipped into a sly fox mask who will share with you the scary parables of some of the world’s talented animators.

That’s is all for now, I’ll see you real soon. Oh, and be sure to lock your doors next time.


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