“It’s pretty much just Hook, but without the bastardization of Neverland”

I don’t know about you but I think that’s one for the box cover. I think that’s the thing that Christopher Robin gets right, the adaptation of Pooh and friends just looks great. You do get a sense of that there’s respect for the history of the franchise and didn’t try some dumb, upsetting gimmick that gives the characters a radical face-lift that stirs controversy for a sadistic marketing scheme. Rather that the advancements in CGI effects now makes it possible to tell a story such as this with the lovable troop of characters interacting with a realistic backdrop.

I’m a little surprised that Christopher Robin isn’t more critically successful as its pretty much as “playing it safe” as you can imagine. It’s admittedly refreshing, there’s no subversion or grandiose to this movie its course is very, very predictable but nicely simple reminds me of the original Mary Poppins. A little dose of joyous fun with an uplifting message that everyone can kind of get. A lot of the negative criticism behind Christopher Robin argue that its very tame and confused and I don’t know what you expected? I’d rather have this than the abomination that is Smurfs take Manhattan.

Ultimately I consider Christopher Robin a Cotton Candy movie, this year’s The Greatest Showman if you will. A Cotton Candy film is essentially empty calories, it’s probably not the best food to eat but its sweet and enjoyable nonetheless. Oh and if you have no connection to Winnie the Pooh that this film really has nothing for you.

I was actually surprising to see how much nostalgia I had for the franchise, it was genuinely nice to remember all the little moments of the series. There’s a bit of irony in Christopher Robin in how it represents nostalgia as something that we have to let go to enjoy the bittersweet nature of it later. Would kind of be a different story if the disappearance of Christopher Robin was the length of the break in between Spider-Man reboots.

The big question I had going in was, does Christopher Robin justify its existence or is it just a crash grab banking off of our love for Winnie the Pooh and the iconic characters of A.A. Miline? It ends up more the latter, but honestly the movie is harmless and the sentimentality is touching. It’s a nice return for the franchise back to the big screen as seeing the last Pooh Bear movie was in 2011. For all the generic themes of never abandon your childhood innocence and don’t let stress or work keep you from enjoying the family and friends who are really important you just never get that Christopher Robin brings anything new to the table. The film can be frustration when it doesn’t clearly follow a set of rules “Pooh and his friends figments of Robin’s imagination or are they actually animated living stuff animals” the fact that the film can’t answer this simple question is a huge detriment to the film. Don’t get me wrong, the answer is obviously that they are real as they interact with too many people and have agency but then why they only re-emerge after Christopher Robin remembers them, as well as disappear when he forgets or let’s them go as well as other implausible things that don’t make sense.

Ultimately there’s not much to be critical about, this movie is what the big money corporation said the whole family can enjoy together and feel good about themselves with these cute and recognizable characters having cute sentimental moments. Its a film with little personality to it, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t suckered into the nice moments it offered and at the end of the day enjoyed myself but admit that it’s that lack of personal touch to it that really keeps Christopher Robin from being a truly wonderful and great movie.

What did you think of this one, agree or disagree? Let me know in the comments. Sort of a shorty by me, if you want some more on Christopher Robin I’m going to recommend you check out:

Katie Carter’s Review – https://katieatthemoviesblog.wordpress.com/2018/08/04/review-christopher-robin/

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They’re just fellow WordPress bloggers who did a pretty good job reviewing this one. That’s it, ta-ta for now!


6 thoughts on “‘Christopher Robin’ a Film That Will Test How Much You Love “Nothing”

  1. Not going to lie, I liked a lot of the Winnie the Pooh stuff when I was a child, especially the 80s/90s cartoon that my family had a bunch of the VHS tapes for. One can certainly make a case that it’s another entry into the franchise milking portfolio, but at least it sounds like a harmless one. When I saw it was rated PG, I raised an eyebrow and thought “How is there a Pooh movie that’s PG when it’s one of the tamest franchises Mickey Mouse has?” @_____@

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