Do you like anime? Of course you do, I mean you clicked to read this didn’t you? Today I have a good recommendation to you if you want to feel the dread that came with being a fan of Freaks and Geeks. Let’s talk about about The Devil is a Part-Timer!.   

So with those unfamiliar with the premise, it’s pretty much the cast of Fire Emblem teleports to modern Japan and has to learn to live the lifestyle of a college student. The motives of these characters revolve around either: finding a way to regain their magical abilities, accumulating power in the human world, and fending off attackers trying to take advantage of their vulnerability.

If I had to use two words to describe watching this show I would say “delightful moderation”. It’s a great option for a light, casual viewing with a basic and predictable plot but one that exceeds your expectations. I was surprised that the characters’ personalities were what they were, I would of thought the Devil would have been more of just a “little shit”. You know the type of character who’s mischievous and is going to hide behind a wall rubbing his hands together like a Bond villain waiting for someone to slip because he moved the wet floor sign. The characters we’re sort of playing other character “types” but it used that dual contrasting identity to establish some interesting characters and generate plenty of humorous moments.

devil part timer season 2.jpg
” I did not hear you say, big McThankies from McSpankies”

I think what made the humor in this show really enjoyable was that it wasn’t afraid to undercut any tension it build for a joke and it’s honing in on common vernacular. It’s a fish out of water story that actually treats its characters in a manner that they’re not the dumbest thing on the planet. This transition from Ente Isla to Japan is more of a transition into a new culture than constant “what is a toaster joke”. In that there’s still something funny about this characters adapting some “relatable” phrases such as mentioning that they can’t waste food because there’s starving children in Africa.

I can see why people do and don’t like the pacing of the show but as it’s meant to gear towards slice of life and the season has 13 episodes consisting of two mini arcs of six episode and one filler episode oddly to end the season. I feel that it’s a good pace as it doesn’t forget it’s main focus is the day to day hijinks of these characters while not stretching out anticipation of the action and story elements it also promises to deliver. And that the thing with this show is that I think you got to expect balance as It does want to tell an interesting Fire Emblem story of a “ruler of darkness” who might want to live a normal life and have an action and arc antagonists but it’s wants to do it in a way that is humorous and funny without telling jokes being the sole intent of the show.

It’s a fun watch, that more than anything lays a great foundation of wonderfully enjoyable characters with fun dynamics playing of each other and a rich enough lore, solid action, and hints at the grand mystery of where these characters are going to end up. It’s one of those shows that I expect to grow more fond of as it fleshes things out more and more and continues to grow on you… what do you mean this was made in 2013? That was five years ago, Why doesn’t Netflix have Season 2? There isn’t one and it’s never happening… well fuck.

It would appear that the despite fan desire and the show creator being all for making more it seems that the production studio has decided not to dedicate the time and resources to returning to create more of The Devil is a Part-Timer!. We can keep lying to ourselves and say that Samurai Jack came back, The Clone Wars came back, Teen Titans/Young Justice might be coming back and sure anything is possible but it seems that it’s time to put the season 2 dream to bed.

As I’ve listed it’s possible but as the gap keeps getting further and further the more likely the interest is declining and the disparity from the original: losing voice actors, changing writers, or voice actors just seems like the sad truth of the situation. We might have to accept that we got something good, and promising but just didn’t get to really reach its full potential.

As always with an anime review I’m committed to telling you the real question on your mind and that is “who is best girl” and it is… drum roll please.

Emi Yusa/Emilia the Hero

Related image

Determined and valiant, Emi has the qualities of a deserving “best girl”. Just like Satan it’s appreciated how dual the personalities of these characters ended up being. While being your typical righteous hero, Emi is still very human shown through how easily flustered she can often get. In terms of appearance, I like the choice with eye color it’s bold and fierce and an exotic deviation from expected hazel or green/blue. I also give them credit for making an asymmetric hairstyle work, the braid and the long hair counterbalance well and it’s doesn’t reach the point of “ridiculous crazy anime hair”. Also, they way she skips around and takes flight in the intro is freakin’ adorable.

That’s all folks. Thanks for stopping by like if you want me to watch more anime and then tell you how you should feel about it. Comments can be for leaving the opposite opinion of telling me to never watch anime again and to shut my stupid face. Or you could tell me what you thought of The Devil is a Part-Timer!, and what show are you desperately hoping they’ll bring back from purgatory? And as always, I will see you at the movies.

Images are from: The Devil is a Part-Timer! credit Funimation

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