I’m glad vine is dead. The video is admittedly a little rough around the edges but I mean so is sand paper. Sorry my thoughts aren’t very cohesive in this one either, in my defense this movie slowly eats away at your IQ I swear.  Below while be the video script if you’re one of those people who’d rather just read the review.


After seeing the Netflix Original set it up, I was delightfully surprised that Netflix had pulled off a decent romantic comedy. After this I wondered if I could find what an absolutely abysmal attempt at the rom-com and oh boy did I find it. Here we take a look at Holiday Breakup.

First let’s put this movie in a little context. This movie was originally an Indiegogo funded movie and I mean “funded” loosely. [ campaign only raised 11% of its desired budget] The campaign heavily advertises that this script and whole film was pretty much made for Manon Mathews. If You’re anything like me your thinking… who’s mayonnaise Mathews.

Oh great she’s another “funny” vine star.

At least the film is in some competent hands as it seems that the people behind it have worked in the lower levels of the industry before. (Her Daddy is a writer) however, Temple doesn’t like to talk about his own accomplishments… I wonder why?

The campaign overview also likens Manson to the female Jim Carrey and that is the perfect comparison. I mean the range of comedy is both being Loud while making funny faces and the occasional innuendo. Turning this obnoxious character up to 11 is not my brand of humor, still humor is subjective and I’m sure it fun to some people to see him go full “Jim Carrey” as in cases of Ace Ventura but I felt that this film failed to really write for that kind of character.

In cases like The Mask and Ace Ventura, the make the situations so outlandish and the characters so zany that the extra animated performance just seems to fit the tone and universe the film takes place in. Then in like Dumb and Dumber you have two insanely idiotic characters almost competing in a battle of one-upmanship to see who can be the bigger moron. Not only that but the world surrounding characters are so dry and comedically “straight” that it makes these two characters seem like a wrecking ball of stupidity. Imagine the “most annoying sound in the world bit” if without the inclusion of the hitman. It would just come off as annoying and irritating.

Now we have a similar over the top goofball performance here but instead of others seeming to be unamused or embarrassed by her shenanigans… everyone loves her or doesn’t seem to mind. Then if that’s not bad enough it seems that every minor character is also overtly eager to have their moment in the spotlight and all try to be the quirky side-character but instead of what they hope to be the highlight of the movie the come across as unnecessary, random, and unfunny.

The last things I want to bring up the Indiegogo campaign is that it said that at one point they where considering or did put the script online and man would I love to read the scene descriptions and actually compare the script to screen translation.

Then finally let’s look at the reward tiers. Most of the tiers are standard posters and advanced tickets but then for $100 You could write a line for the movie. Nothing says don’t care then letting 12-year old on the internet write throw away lines for your movies. Apparently 15 people paid that, now I’m curious which lines were written and which ones got tossed in there.

The quote from Robert Hensel was neat but how did that idea not backfire your young immature fanbase and none of them ponied up $100 to have you quote Ugandan Knuckles or Hitler in the movie. The high rewards were where the real value was so if I were to donate $300 I could have gotten a phone call/ or voicemail from Marion, for $500 I could starred in a Maven Mathews vine and for $2000 I could of appeared in the movie. Then if I would have donated $10K remind you that’s more then the final amount raised, I could have been an Executive producer. I feel like that’s a b.s. title but for that much money I better have Spielberg level approval on the project.


You’re over-exaggerating K it can’t be that bad.


I’m not going to lie, I think the premise is kind of cute of showing a relationship through specific milestones in this case holidays, but the execution is really awful. The progression of the relationship and the “missing time” effect is sort of weakly used. It honestly just feels like 5 days passing except the fact that we pretty much cycle through a family dinner scene over and over and over.

Also, whoever made this Dollar Barn sign should be embarrassed. Why is there a shadow is that part of the design why doesn’t the backdrop match the surrounding buildings? I get it I’m not a master of adobe after effects either, but you could have got a close-up of the her walking closer to the building and then show her walking towards her car from the shade under the building cover. That is if it’s not to be assumed that they don’t have permission to film in front of the convenient store and are filming from right next to their car.

I mean I’m asking way too many questions before the opening credits even end. What material is that tent made of that we get that intense of a reverb? And how does that ice cream container magically stand back up.

Also, it’s hard to decide is the attempt at comedy or the musical underscore more obnoxious.

Also, I can tell that they didn’t do a lot of takes in this movie because the funniest thing is this scene is how the reflector guy is struggling and nobody tried to mask it.

None of the editors cared at all, we meet this couple and they have a baby and they assume everyone is so extremely dumb that they won’t believe there’s a baby if they didn’t actually hear it and instead of using a baby monitor prop they just add a baby crying sound effect that isn’t fooling anyone.

I’m sorry there seems to be a baby in the theater, I’m going to go take care of that real quick.


I swear that’s a boom mic shadow.


Things are moving fast, in fact it appears we are speeding on

“The High Way to the Hoe Zone”

As funny as this “comedy” is, the plot tries to come in and actually develop.


Credit to the set designer for finding a subtle way to portray that this man loves money.


Ridiculious *play killers under the gun kill me now, kill me now, kill me now*

Also, congrats on the worst text on screen graphics I’ve ever seen

This character only appears for this one scene after a ten second introduction this is the who scene and I really want to know why? What is the pay off? Why did you put this in your movie?

Okay I guess now is a good of time as whenever, but they pretty much made The Room. Strange character is for reason unexplained well-liked by everyone. A cast of bizarre unnecessary characters parade in non-sequiturs. We have the same scene multiple times that basically go “I don’t love Johnny anymore” and a parent going “I think Johnny’s a swell guy”. Then after bullshitting for the entire runtime the just decide that their feed up with this world but instead of offing themselves the just decide, okay we’ll be together because either or problems or our chemistry didn’t exist and the fact that I can’t tell which one scares me.

Get ready for this Scooby Doo mystery.

And the award for most shoe-horned cameo goes to…

Maybe comedically Merriman can seems to at least be trying to voice inflection but most of the time it just seems that she’s uncomfortable ready the lines. This movie is specifically written for her to give this performance and most the dialogue just sounds awkwardly delivered. Her performance reminds me of Katherine Langeford as Hannah Baker in that there so quippy and trying to be extremely likable but somewhat dead inside.

Then it’s really awkward how with 20 minutes left Regina George decides to actual give a performance in this movie and then you have mandon being dead inside.

Then to remind you how unfunny this movie is I thought Halloween already happened, but I guess we have a vine humor house of horror to throw up at.

Then because this movie is just a casting rule for manon she let’s you know that she can play the guitar. Also, Spoiler alert but did you know * the song was about you * Really, I thought it was about Jupiter.

Then we see they both go to that place with the fountain and they each find someone they’re more compatible with and on their chance encounter the both decide to compromise and become clowns. Wait What?

I’m done with this garbage.

I just wanted to say this as a little qualifier that’s going to make someone who commented before reaching this point in the video look kinda of silly. I’m not attacking Mansion or anyone who enjoys mayonnaise’s’ vines or YouTube videos but despite that I can see the appeal and actually give her credit for playing an over the top character unabashedly. I do like the premise of the movie I thought it was cute idea and that Manon if given the right comedic tether or performance could actually give a fun performance.

I mean I’d say this is at least a little better than what the Fine Bros or Smosh ended up making. I don’t even blame Marine for the turnout of the movie as it’s biggest flaws are with the inorganic incorporation of all her equally unfunny friends, amateur level production, and script that just fails to successfully integrate character motives and arcs.

At the end of the day I’m sure the cast and crew had a fun time making it, they had the resources and they decided to go for it which I applaud. Pictures on their website show that it seemed they had a wonderful Premiere at The Laemmle Monica, and Manon seems to be doing fine with her YouTube Channel and new female sketch comedy group Sorry not Sorry. I really hope that Manon Mathews and the people behind Holiday Breakup can only keep improving as comedians and as filmmakers.

But I’m just some loser on the internet. What did you think of Holiday Breakup was it hilarious or was it tough to sit through? Leave a comment down below, thanks for stopping by and as always, I will see you at the movies.


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8 thoughts on “Vine Star’s Awful Comedy Movie – Holiday Breakup (At the Movies #2)

  1. I have never heard of this film, and I’m glad I never saw it from your commentary. The fact that you have a Vine star attached to it just raises some red flags and I barely know any Vines except for those Nasty Freestyle dance videos, that one family who makes “Kids Bop” parodies of rap songs, or the “Why da F you lying” Vine. Yeah, I’ll stay away from this.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All I really remember about the film and video I made on it is that they are “kinda cringe” and “I don’t really want to watch that again”. I still sympathize with the indie spirit and I feel like looking at these low budget movies creates a deeper appreciation for when a film does go right and connect with us. All movies to some extent have the same tools: a camera, a script, and some actors so it was interesting to see what a Vine Star could craft with these tools… as I found out not much.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Gotcha. I’ve certainly seen my fair share of cringeworthy indie films and have reviewed some of them. There are some low budget movies I really enjoy like everything I’ve seen from Jafar Panahi, the Turkish film Before Your Eyes, or even the shorts from The Critics Company. Some are better at making compelling stories than others with limited resources.

        Liked by 1 person

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