Don’t Watch ‘Singularity’ at all Cost

don’t watch it.




Thanks for reading, I hate this movie but what did you think let me know and comment below and I’ll see you in hell.


Okay, I will elaborate a little bit but I’ve already found that this movie has taken enough time out of my life as is so don’t expect me to say much.

This movie is even bad for Syfy original movie standards you know the people who brought use the Sharknado franchise. I’m not looking up if it’s true but the IMDb says that this is a Czech Republic/Swiss movie that decided to throw John Cusack (a poor man’s Nicolas Cage… who is also a very poor man at this point) and edited the two together with the grace of shoving a square peg in a round hole. This feels very Cloverfield Paradox to me in that it the most lazy execution of a bland genre plot imaginable. All the CGI looks like it wasn’t even made for this movie, just pre-rendered generic looking garbage besides the city in the beginning looks good but the rest of the movie is just Katniss and some schmuck wandering doing nothing in the woods. The acting sucks, the voice over is stupid, I have no idea how they got to the ending they did, and everything is just dumb. That’s it, just don’t worry about it this movie is dumb, and just pretend you never knew it existed.

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One thought on “Don’t Watch ‘Singularity’ at all Cost

  1. Yes , very bad
    Why when they do i movie they dont spend a few days to write a script has a few original elements to it?
    If you are going to rip off Terminator , just add a few original ideas to it and not make such a crap pile.

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