The Incredibles 2 (no spoiler review)

Disney: There you go, we did it. You can stop asking for it now.

It’s been 84 years and finally we got the long-awaited sequel to The Incredibles. The first thing I want to make clear because I think it’s the most important


There will be no spoilers, maybe I’ll do a follow up or I’ll leave it to everyone else who I’m sure we cover me on this one. Incredibles 2 is…good. Don’t get me wrong it’s a total fan pleasure and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it if you’re a fan of the original or Pixar in general. It doesn’t exceed the original and it doesn’t tell a great original narrative but who really expected it to.

Notes before getting to the movie more, the dumpling short was really cute and surprisingly narratively stronger than I imagined when I first heard about it.

During the opening credits I came up with a conspiracy in that they came up with the design for the logo and thought that it was perfect but than an intern pointed out that it looks too much like the twin towers so instead of redesigning it they just waited for over a decade for 9/11 to become a less touchy subject.

A large part of crafting a good sequel is expanding the universe and while Incredibles 2 did, it did so in not much of a meaningful way. I find it debatable to consider Shrek 2 and Toy Story 2 to arguably to exceed the original and that’s in part to how much I love the new arrivals that can shake up the characters dynamic and create interesting new arcs. I feel the recent Pixar sequels really haven’t introduced new and refreshing characters to the story. The two examples I brought introduced beloved series characters (Shrek 2: Puss in Boots, Prince Charming, The Fairy Godmother) (Toy Story 2: Bullseye, Jessie, Prospector Pete) comparing it to the new introduction in Monsters University (Charlie Day? The squishy guy, remember two heads guy?) and Finding Dory (Hank the not octopus, Phil Dunphy, Sigourney Weaver as God) and now the Incredibles 2 (Kristen Stewart thinking with portals? Tina Fey’s character from Megamind, guy who belches lava?) It’s a minor thing but I don’t think I’m out of line saying that there was greater expanding the universe in the brief no-capes montage and showing all the deceased heroes in the original then the losers they scrape up in this one.

The truth is The Incredibles sequel reverses the roles and focuses heavily on the Parr family and making them relatable despite being a super family and being from the 1950s. It’s just another adventure with the family, it not really a grand or high stakes adventure but another adventure which with this likable character isn’t a bad thing.

I’d consider Incredibles 2 a good movie but like how I’d consider the Jimmy Neutron movie a good movie. It uses its characters for some neat fun moments, its really cool to see the creativity of using their superhuman abilities, and the plot is easy to follow and has enough to be enjoyable to a younger audience. For some reason I walked out just thinking that this is good but felt like one of those 1 hour tv movie specials which is really just a one hour long pilot for the show that is in the works. Tries to make the characters stand out, shows an interesting world around them, and makes a plot that’s spectacle enough to gather eyes on it.

I don’t know if I really believe it but if I’m right then I’ll look like a frickin’ genius, but could this movie actually be the groundworks for a series? I was skeptical of this at first as Disney Channel has sort of given up on animation throwing it onto Disney XD until Duck Tales is sort of bringing it back. But then I remembered, Disney has its streaming service launching next year. No word of there being an Incredibles Series but a Monster Inc. show is already confirmed, and Pixar related content is planned to be one of the appeals as well. The Incredibles world opens itself up to many kooky villains and family drama plots that the possibilities to a show are limitless. I could even see a spy versus spy inspired two-minute short segments of Jack Jack and his bitter rival the raccoon. I would even hypothesize further by saying this Wreck-it-Ralph sequel that also seems to be lacking a cinematic character arc driven plot could be doing the same. Maybe not but mark my unsure words that by the end of 2019 there will be both a Wreck-it-Ralph and The Incredibles series in the works for the new streaming platform.

Overall Incredibles 2 manages to be special and nothing special at the same time. It’s good fan service and nothing much more than that but I appreciated it, and I’m sure people will love it so good job Pixar you made another movie that makes people happy and makes you money what more can you ask for. Before I go, why did The Incredibles have the most unnecessarily hard video game adaption of all time, I was just a kid and playing that was a nightmare. Maybe I was just a kid, but I know for a fact that that game is unfair.

I’m not going to over-hype this movie, sorry if I failed to seem unwaveringly positive, I liked the movie and I think if you like Pixar or The Incredibles than this film will be a fun movie-going experience for you. What did you think of Incredibles 2 was it everything your heart desired and more or was it not worth the 14 years you spent waiting like Gatsby at the edge of the pier to see. Let me know comment below, and as always it’s showtime.


  • Also while I was editing this, why is the first one The Incredibles, but the sequel is just Incredibles 2. We now must go around and mock anyone who uses the “The” incorrectly as a fraud or a fake fan… or just be decent people and leave them alone up to you really.
  • Image credit Disney Pixar Incredibles 2 in theaters now.

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