What Are Children Watching??? Delhi Safari Review

We no longer have to remake the Lion King because what the kids really want a hyper-realistic animated Delhi Safari movie. I don’t know if it was more jarring the first second was showing a little leopard cub crying or within the first minute we have a Circle of Life knock-off that I swear has sexual tension to it. It’s a shame that the animation for being a small Indian animation studio looks pretty good, and the English dub has talented voice actors in Tara Strong, Tom Kenny, and Christopher Lloyd. Unfortunately, that’s all for nothing as the film is mostly synonymous with the wildly inappropriate segments of the movie and the very on the nose fear mongering tactics to push the PETA agenda.

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The main plot is that the leopard cub joins a group of his mother, Smokey the bear, some warmongering monkeys, and a parrot voiced by Tom Kenny. After the Leopard cub’s dad is shot by a construction worker (they show him getting shot but no blood or extra detail animated) the group find that the need to use the parrot as a translator to convince the humans to not build Trump tower on their land. I like how out of everything the owner of the parrot could have done in his house or an occupation he’s heavily implied to be a pornography producer and he’s discussing the role of a “slave girl” with the girl who visits. I like the monkey is packing some serious heat with two six shooters. I like that someone has a shirt that reads “fcuk”. I like when one of the hyenas from the Lion King was boiled alive in a stew. There’s a lot of things that I like because why do they exist, and this fill is so odd it raises plenty of questions.


Why is the monkey the main character? The Leopard cub is obviously supposed to be the leader of the group or the main protagonist but then 75% of the screen time is spent with the monkey. The story is about this journey but the character arc the movie dedicates the most time on establishing why the monkey redeems himself and forms a “Step Brothers did we just become best friends” kind of friendship. Every character sort of has an arc of their own. The leopard cub learns nothing, but his mom learns to have faith again, the parrot learns that the spoils of consumerism aren’t worth the devastation of natural forests, and smoky the bear goes from comic relief to serving a role in the plot. And that last one, that’s not me joking that is actually the character arc that they explicitly point out to you.


The only honest support I’ve seen for this movie is that it has a good message, but its message is so simple that what does it really achieve? Let’s not kill animals, we should share the world not destroy it! I think no one, maybe a rare few deliberately try to cause animal extinction, and global warming, and pollution and all that jazz. I don’t know it’s tough because environmental issues will always kind of suffer the tragedy of the commons and economic factors pushing back progress and it’ll probably never be a pressing issue until it’s too late. I honestly think that a movie like the Lion King is more appropriate and beneficial as it gives children an emotional attachment to the animal kingdom and gives them so much more story and other supplementary life lessons then this propaganda that just sells the pessimistic perception that humans are awful and despicable.

What a weird movie. Appreciation for the voice actors and the animators behind it, but ultimately, it’s a Lion King rip-off that gets on a soapbox that it didn’t really earn. I still think there’s an ironic crowd for this movie, it’s not as great as the legendary Leo the Lion but it’s a little fun to make fun of. I would maybe not let your kids watch this shallow brainwashing attempt disguised as a sub-par animation movie. However, to show that there’s no ill will between me and the animals of planet Earth and those committed to the worthy cause of the conservation and preservation of animal habitats and species below I link an article with by Goodnet that has 11 Wildlife Organizations. I support the broad cause of protecting animals and the environment so if you’re in a giving mood feel free to take a look at the list and after doing some research I’d always encourage you to be aware of how the charity allocates donation towards the cause and operational fees and if your happy with how your money is being spent and you feel inclined to do so then SHARE THE WORLD!

That’s all for me, thanks for stopping by I appreciate it be sure to like if you liked my opinion on this movie and leave a comment if you have something fun to say it helps remind me that more than the spambots come here. Follow for more content and as always I will see you at the movies.




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