Creative Writing Session #1

Hello there, I’m K from K at the Movies and I wanted to do something different. I’m typically one to review creative shows or movies but sometimes I like to get creative as well. So I decided to take a few creative writing prompts and take the day to just have fun and try to come up with something fun to write about. That’s good enough for an intro for me, hope you enjoy.

332 – Cautious and wide-eyed Kitty Sampson, Who becomes the Superhero Ruby Angel who possesses the power of gravity control. (Answered With Scene Script)



A Conveniently placed bank upon a street corner is suddenly
encroached by three mysterious SILHOUETTES. The dark figures
blend with the night to make them visible only to the
keenest of sight and their stealthy tactics easily have them
infiltrate past the bank’s security measures. Once inside,
their cockiness gets the better of them as one of them bumps
a bag of equipment on the floor.

The second robber gives a quick shush while the third slaps
the back of their clumpsy friend who shoots back a dirty
look. Luckily no one was in the area to notice their
mistake, almost no one.

KITTY SAMPSON, a cautious yet wide-eyed 19 year old college
freshman peeks out from an alley to confirm she indeed sees
trouble. Kitty’s biggest secret is her alter-ego, Ruby Angel
who has the ability to control gravitational forces a power
she is fairly unfamiliar with but able to do the incredible none the less.

I knew I shouldn’t have got a

Kitty unsactimonously tosses her coffee cup across the alley
and taps a button center of her designer belt causing it to give off a shining red aura.

The group of robbers are seen looting the bank vaults and
murmuring encouragements to one another to hurry up.

Kitty now appears as Ruby Angel, dressed in a heroic yet comfortable
looking bright ruby costume that matches her hair.

Kitty surveys her surroundings and locks eyes with multiple
objects in the near facility: trash cans, a stop sign, a
candy wrappered littered on the street.

Kitty begins to massage her temples and take a deep breath.

Okay come on, think, think, think.
You still have plenty of time to
think of how you can do this I mean
they’re still-

In mid-sentence Kitty peers out again to check the status of
the robbery in progress.

Aw, shit they’re already leaving.

Kitty starts a nervous pacing and spastic hand movement.

Maybe it’s not too late to call
9-1-1? No. No. I can do this. On
the count of three now. (BEAT) Ten.

The gang of robbers hustle out of the bank. The lead robber
checks to ensure the coast is clear to their escape route.
Without a moment’s notice a stop sign slams into the wall
inches away from the robbers face. Examining the sign stuck
into the wall, the criminal yields completely bewildered.

Sorry. I wanted to float the sign
in front of you so you’d see it and
“stop” but I guess I threw it a
little to hard.

Each robber pulls out a firearm and steadily aims towards
their unwelcomed visitor.

Okay I get it you’re still mad.
However, we can’t have that, this
suite is dry-clean only.

Kitty makes a swift hand motion appearing to push down as
the palm of her gloves give off a red luminance. The robbers
each fire their weapons but to their surprise the bullets
immeditely fall inches from their feet. Kitty stands wowing
at her own feat.

The robbers each exchanged looks of concern. The moment is
brief as they all make a mad dash in three opposite
directions making it difficult to pursue them all.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, I’m coming after

Kitty races after the robber weighted down by the heaviest
duffle bag. Despite the robber’s evasive efforts Kitty is
fastly approaching, effectively thrusting objects into his
path and bouncing through the streets as though she was on
the moon.

The criminal turns into an alley cornering himself with no
where left to run.

Okay last warning to go down
quitely or am I going to have to
teach you a lesson?

The robber panting and greatly fatigued draws his gun again
in desperation.

At the sight of the gun Kitty quickly drops down again
activating her powers as the gun discharges. When she lifts
her head back up she sees that the entire world is a pitch
black empty void.


Kitty frantically whips back and forth trying to look all
around her. Everything is dark, all she can see in front of

her is the robber completely stiff and a bullet midway
between the two.

OMG, am I dead!

What’s happening! Where am I!

Did I do this?

Kitty concentrates and focuses on the bullet in which she
seems to use her powers to push into the ground. The robber
still stands motionless while Kitty appears to be uneffected
by this strange realm.

Okay I’ve learned my lesson! You
can take me to the police now.

Got it, will do. As soon as I learn
how to.

What! Oh my god, I’m going to be
stuck here forever! We’re going to
die here!

Kitty with a small gesture flings the robber flying into the
air and tosses him back down.

Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Just
give me a minute to think.

Kitty rubs her temples again, closes her eyes and takes a
deep breath. When she opens them, the world has returned.


The bank robber emerges from the alley appearing nauseous
floundering onto the hood of a nearby car and proceeding to
vomit. The robber stares like a deer in headlights when he
notices that the car is a police vehicle with officers ready
to ask him a few questions.


Kitty, now in her usual apparel, retrieves her backpack
which she left on the street corner and hurls it onto her
back adjusting the shoulder straps. Kitty properly disposes
of a candy wrapper on the floor and prepares to srute home
triumphantly when she pauses indicating that she has just
remembered something.


I have a midterm tomorrow!

Kitty seems completely flustered now, and grabs both
shoulder straps and starts running down the street as fast
as she can.


Kitty examines a paper she was passed back. She groans
completely distraught after reading the message left by her
professor “She me after class”. Kitty buries her head into
the table as the bell rings and a stampede ensues around her
as everyone else makes way towards the exits.

308 – popular burger shop uses tainted burger patties. ( Answered with a Quote)

Number 15: Burger king foot lettuce. The last thing you’d want in your Burger King burger is someone’s foot fungus. But as it turns out, that might be what you get. A 4channer uploaded a photo anonymously to the site showcasing his feet in a plastic bin of lettuce. With the statement: “This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King.” Admittedly, he had shoes on. But that’s even worse – Chills


237 – What can you write based on this B-Movie Plot? In a Cursed Town of Chaos, a wizard and seven duchesses go to find the cure of a deadly disease.


(Disclaimer: My Pitch is kind of gross and R-Rated, the joke is “Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos” and if you’re unfamiliar with Yorgos and his wild ideas then feel free to skip this one)


Colin Farrell plays a wizard named Onan who must embark on a journey with the 7 duchesses of the 7 plagued nations. Each Duchess has a discernible quirk, not useful skills but quirks: one loves to whistle, another is double jointed, and one’s even a mute. Onan believes that by traversing to the Dragon’s den and barter with the creature is the only way to reverse the curse.Ā  A woman’s period blood is the first sign of the curse following other unworldly symptoms that eventually drives them mad. Onan also has a tendency to take the first night shift, and lift a different dutchess’ dress and masturbate to the sight of her fanny. The 2nd night Onan does this the mute wakes up but is unable to tell anyone about what she saw. On the third night Onan discovers one of the duchesses is on her period but similar can’t tell anyone as it would give away his creepy pleasure. Onan has to worry about the period cycles aligning as well as overcomes obstacles such as a goblin with a crazy medieval russian roulette contraption and the wolves of the forest. Onan eventually approaches the dragon’s lair in which the dragon monologues about that his eyes, that give him sight of moral judgement deem Onan to be wicked at heart. The dragon is able to mortally wound Onan but fails to burn him with his flames. As Onan crawls outside of the cave, the duchesses are missing from the cave entrance and he sees the landscape devoid of life and dead of color as rain starts to poor.

This might sound like a fucked up story but I’m yorgos Lanthimos so believe it or not this is all an allusion to chapter 38 of the Book of Genesis, and the dragon is a symbol of God. Because I’ve read a book that you haven’t and turned it into a dark comedy adventure with mature commentary on masturbation and periods while having the visual decency of an A24 film I will accept your applause and admiration as a cinematic genius.


Wow guys, I don’t know about you but I sure had fun thinking creatively. It’s a nice change of pace and I might try to do a more creative outlet post than the typical reviews that I really do need to get back to. I mean I wrote this whole post in a day so I wasn’t too invested in what I came up with but if you want to leave constructive criticism then go for it. Now come on guys let’s all get creative!

Creative Writing Prompts from K:

  1. The Mad Hatter is planning a tea party for his friends, the only problem is that he seems to be all out of tea.
  2. New Superhero comes to town, Tony Richards is credited as the shadow boxer.
  3. Toby has the best idea to ask his crush to the prom.

If you want to suggest a site or prompts for the next time I might do this leave them in the comments below. If you decide to write a little something on my prompts or one of the ones I used in this part link it below I’ll read your stuff. Thanks it for me, appreciate ya stopping by and as always I will see you at the movies.


Image is from Pexels/ part of WordPress free picture library.


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