The Subject of the Next Great Historical Drama?

Birdman, All About Eve, Ed Wood, Sunset Boulevard; throughout cinema there has been an infatuation with drama that surrounds Hollywood. Audiences have an innate attraction to the stars that circulate the system, it’s with that that I find a fascinating subject for a short series would be the birth of cinema’s very first star, Florence […]

Hannah Gadsby’s Comedy Special ‘Nanette’ is Divisive yet Fascinating

Where does one even begin to discuss this special? I pretty much like to keep the peace so I’m going to be walking on more eggshells than that time your teacher dropped all the those eggs off a ladder. I’m sorry Ms. Robinson, how was I supposed to know what to do with 5 cotton […]

Debate: Should Animated Movies be Remastered in the Future?

Affirmative 1: It’s showtime. Incredibles 2 was more than a critically successful summer blockbuster smash hit, but a glimpse of the future to come. An audience at the movies in the year 2018 have become familiar with the concepts of re-make, and re-boot but the future of animation is going to be riding on the […]

The Incredibles 2 (no spoiler review)

Disney: There you go, we did it. You can stop asking for it now. It’s been 84 years and finally we got the long-awaited sequel to The Incredibles. The first thing I want to make clear because I think it’s the most important WARNING IF YOU DO OR MAY SUFFER FROM EPILEPTIC SEIZURES THIS MOVIE […]

Netflix Finally Did It! ‘set it up’ is the First Decent Original Movie!

  Netflix did it, maybe my standards have slowly been chipped away but Netflix finally made a “good” movie. In fairness, I haven’t seen every Netflix film, and I’ve missed some recent ones in Kissing Booth (no thank you) and Alex Strangelove or how I Learned to Stop Worry and Love a Guy. Netflix always […]


K can’t come to the phone right now… why? Because K’s dead. When this blog opened up years ago we made it clear that we had a passion for the movies, but that was really a gateway to get to our real goal and that is to start a Book Club Website. Blease believe me […]

What Are Children Watching??? Delhi Safari Review

We no longer have to remake the Lion King because what the kids really want a hyper-realistic animated Delhi Safari movie. I don’t know if it was more jarring the first second was showing a little leopard cub crying or within the first minute we have a Circle of Life knock-off that I swear has […]

A Film Recommendation From Every Decade: I Bet You’ll Find Something New to Watch

Hello, and welcome to the movies. I like to stay well versed and watch movies good and bad as well as spanning across the entire history of film. Whatever period in film history your film buff repertoire is lacking I got you covered with a recommendation from each decade. I’ve tried to be random, but […]

Haunting of the Innocent is Absolutely Horror-ible! At the Movies #1 [Video Review] This took too long to make for how bad it turned out. Hey we all have to start somewhere you know. If people can unironically release this terrible horrible no good very bad movie with no shame than I guess I can make something to. Thanks for stopping by to watch especially y’all making […]

I Can’t Believe They Ruined Star Wars! (Rant/Angry Review)

Kathleen Kennedy needs to STOP because she’s ruining my Star Wars. You might not know this, but I am the biggest Star Wars fan in the entire galaxy. I have read all the novels, I have a shelf of all the collectible toys still pristine in their original packaging, and I have dressed as a […]

Remember the Classics: the Brilliance of Cassavetes Camera in “Shadows”

Underneath tall altars looms wide shadows. The monumental presence of traditional Hollywood cinema has long inspired and set the path for many aspiring filmmakers. However, there are filmmakers forging their own, with the willingness to explore uncharted territory. One notable pioneer who trekked beyond the influence of Hollywood is John Cassavetes. Cassavetes directorial debut, Shadows […]

Weekend Redbox Rentals (The Disaster Artist, Game Night, The 15:17 to Paris)

The Disaster Artist Quick Synopsis: James and Dave Franco transform into the real-life duo of Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau, the strange friendship behind the cult classic, “worst movie ever” The Room. Quick Review: I know these movies are connected by namesake till the end of time, but has anyone ever asked would it be […]

Creative Writing Session #1

Hello there, I’m K from K at the Movies and I wanted to do something different. I’m typically one to review creative shows or movies but sometimes I like to get creative as well. So I decided to take a few creative writing prompts and take the day to just have fun and try to […]