Oh Microsoft Word, the royal persons of passive-aggressively correcting spelling and grammar mistakes. We was writing something, and then when we went back to go edit it and we found the squiggly red line indicating an error.

Inclusive Language? Consider using gender-neutral language? We could not fudging believe it. We are sorry but it is pitiful that people find it necessary to bend the meaning of words in order to perpetuate feeling sorry for themselves. It is consensus that the obsolete word had indeed been inclusive.

We wonder what’s next, should Amazon Alexa be implanted into our heads so the thought police persons can terminate those with incorrect thoughts before discourse insues. Sounds family, it is on the tip of our tongue yet we can not remember.

We can not believe what nonsense this topic is. We remember it became quite a story when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who invented “Peoplekind”. I do not want to jest about that story as Trudeau confessed it was all a joke and proved how we can certainly make much ado about nothing. It is so trivial, hope that we can agree that is the reason for the response of we not being well thought out.

Yet language seems like it is heading towards the direction of no longer being a free market. Students losing points for use of the obsolete word, another university banishing words deemed obsolete, We swear that too many of us have been reading Ayn Rand thinking “this society seems to have some pretty good ideas”.

We can kind of find compassion for the removers of obsolete words, we can admit that social-ills of the past have rightfully been discarded and that there are still things that should be dealt with, but we thinks that we should sometimes stepback and view the microaggressions we wage war against ourselves and consider if this is the hill we wish to die on. We admit that we should all wish to better ourselves but enforcing and imposing ultimately restricting a limiting our ideas on to others is to go about it all wrong. Any change is not going to be achieved by petty squabbles over nothing, we remember how A Clockwork Orange a film certainly obsolete at this point portrays how you can not administer good will into a person and that we have to accept that there will be bad things in the world and that solutions to remove them come through open dialogue and allowing for we to come to our own conclusion and the collective conscience may change over time.

But as for now I don’t really give a shit, and I think it’s time to check your calendars because it’s 2018 not 1984. I was just writing something and word suggested what you see. I’m not changing it but… with context it doesn’t matter for me. I’m using it to compare the antagonists in Guillermo del Toro’s films the Shape of Water and Pan’s Labyrinth to how Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein uses “mankind” as being the true evil. Every example I used was guys and since it’s in a derogatory sense its fine. Ladies when I reference to how Guillermo del Toro shows “mankind” as being wicked you don’t have to involve yourself if you don’t want to.

We thank us for reading, feel free to comment on the subject and hopefully if I offended thee me K goodfellow can make amends. As always We will see us at the Movies.

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