Friend Request follows the journey of me, trying to sit through a movie I regret watching. I thought this movie might be a fun laugh given that it is the dumb Facebook horror movie but it’s just not worth sitting through. I would say Bedeviled was had fun with itself, I’d even say Satanic was at least silly but Friend Request is just boring. Let’s just say that I wish I would have watched crappy Skype movie over crappy Facebook movie. To summarize this movie with an unrelated clip:

Not the Bees indeed. While some try to stretch their imagination trying to find this film having deeper implications about the “obsession” of social media the film seems more reasonable shallow in terms of deeper meaning. It sort of comes with the message that you shouldn’t try to associate with the mental-ill or edgy Tumblr Creepypasta fans. This movie is one bad Creepypasta. The entire ensemble of characters are so flat and uninteresting I actually have a difficult time determining which character has enough of a relationship with our main character to survive to the end.

Spoiler: Which apparently it was so difficult because the answer is none of them nobody makes it to the end.

The plot actually seems so disinterested in itself it spends some of the movie in animations and other media forms just so something interesting can be put on screen.The plot is nothing essentially, protagonist tries to befriend a social outcast who becomes obsessed and instead of continuing with that dynamic we decide it’s not spooky without the supernatural so she’s a ghost with a degree in Computer Science. That darn Zuckerberg sold your information to a demonic spirit, what can you do? It seems very paper thin just to have some spooks, which I will credit where it’s do some of the practical special effects actually look pretty good. I also like how they try to present it like it’s a ticking clock that it’s showing periodically that she’s losing Facebook friends. I’m sure in a life and death situation the amount of “Facebook friends” you have is the last thing on your mind, the main character doesn’t really change or become more desperate or wrathful or anything more interesting while losing more and more. It’s not until the film is over do we truly know there is a consequence when she does in fact lose all her friends.

It’s kind of weird that they say Black Mirror a lot. It seems like the threw darts at a dartboard and decided what era and what cliche was going to explain everything and they never really reveal much about it. I’m disappointed because I’m sure we were only a few inches away from the alternate dimension or an area which the Egyptians would call the Twilight Zone.

This film is more competently made than I would have expected but it still has its flawed. One shot is a completely over-exposed background but I guess you know who cares. The worst scene is an either I’m blaming the director or editor for this but the fact that when the bloody elevator opens and the girl seems as un-interested as I do watching this movie is not how the reaction should go and how does she not see a person until after boredly looking into the elevator for 10 seconds. It relies too heavily and jumpscares and worst it does them with long lead in shots that you always telegraph them coming.

Trust me I would let you know I enjoyed this ironically or this genuine surprised me and all I can really say is that it’s disappointing in that its surprisingly competent but is still is nothing but a typical horror movie devoid of characters with discernible personality, creative kills or effects, interesting lore or influence, creative commentary or social observation, or an atmosphere of creepiness. It really makes you wonder that with none of that what does a horror movie have to offer.

If you’re looking for a new friend consider following this reviewer either via email or WordPress. I promise not to haunt you with bees and Zodiac Cipher hacking. Thanks for reading, what did you think of phone and social media inspired movies let me know and as always I will see you through your webcam.

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