Hello, I’m K and I hate myself. So with that in mind I decided to watch the entire first season of Boss Baby: Back in Business. Dreamworks’ Boss Baby is everyone’s favorite movie… I think and after the outrage followings it’s loss at the Oscars for Best Animated feature to Coco it only made sense for Netflix , the champion of quality content to step in and finally give them the series everyone has been asking for.

In honestly, I think the backlash the Boss Baby gets is greatly undeserved. I actually defended the merit of the Boss Baby after I watched it after it’s Oscar nomination.

What I had to say about the Boss Baby Movie:

In defense of The Boss Baby I feel most of its bad wrap comes from people considering how moronic it’s premise is. Sure, it’s a dumb movie about a business baby, but I mean DreamWorks is built on a green monster with a Scottish accent comparing himself to onions. That’s really dumb. The Boss Baby was also well received by the Annie Awards which is dedicated to animation also nominating it for Best Animated feature, as well as achievements for: Character Design (Joe Moshier), Character Animation (Bryce McGovern), Directing (Tom McGrath), and storyboarding (Glenn Harmon). So, kudos to the animators behind the scenes. Honestly after watching this it’s a weird concoction of low brown humor and business jargon, it has some fun moments juxtaposing the maturity of the kid and the Boss Baby, some interesting designs for imagination scenes but overall, it’s kind of just bland and forgettable. I agree that it’s a far cry from an Oscar movie, and there’s others that are probably better but to me it’s more bland than bad.

How am I going to find hilariously bad movies to laugh at if we judge a movie with a dumb premise but isn’t really flawed beyond we’ll that’s a stupid Idea. As for the show, when I was a child there was a show and a movie known as Back at the Barnyard. It was a crappy show based of a shitty movie… but I watched it sometimes. Know that show has been completely forgotten for good reason, the only reason someone would remember it know is if they see a meme of everyone’s favorite character Snotty Boy which according to the WikiBarn you might remember was voiced by God.

The Boss Baby TV show is bound to enter the ether soon… but I’m actually surprised by the show. The animation is best described as lazy to borderline acceptable. I swear they used poorer quality in the first trailer release which made me think it was going to turn out looking worse than it did. It looks like garbage when any liquid (tough thing to animate but still) or fur texture just looks very minimal. It looks like a Disney Junior show, and while mouth movements matching never really bothers me, you can tell that there mouths are rapid firing hoping to give of the illusion that the voice is coming out of it.

In terms of plot it follows the simplistic setup faithful to the movie and I was actually impressed with how connected and intricate the plot ended up being. The humor is also good at being innocent but also being self-aware I think it can be enjoyed both ironically and also as a kid.

The real question I have about both the series and the movie is who is this for? A lot of successful films and television series succeed on the principle of emulation. Most iconic characters most recently Wonder Woman and Black Panther showcase the possession of inherent quality that we ourselves want to own. Look at how Disney talks about the Disney Princesses they want to sell you the idea that a young girl would want to be a Disney Princess, primarily emphasizing on the merit of their character traits and personalities. That in mind, who the hell wants to be the Boss Baby?

The show does a little bit better than the film making the baby corporation function more like a spy agency completing covert missions, which is reminiscent of a Codename: Kid’s Next Door.  Who wants to be a baby? Who wants to be a businessman? I feel that the concept heavily relies on the juxtaposition of cute meets mature but the boss baby isn’t really that cute. I feel like almost every Disney animation short has a character design cuter than the boss baby.

So, because someone had to watch it, here’s the Ranking of Every Boss Baby Episode.

13. Episode 9 “Spirit Day”

Screenshot (360).png

The Worst Episode of The Boss Baby is “Spirit Day”. I do like how the show juxtaposes Tim’s juvenile ideals with the mature world of the boss baby. Also they use a parallel edit of a music performance and the climax that blend well.  That said for a fun aside from the main plot focused on a competition there’s very little  fun to be had. What could have been a fun treasure hunt or race to the finish of all of the characters in a thrilling fashion could have occurred it instead chooses to half ass both of them and create not an awful episode but the least good to say the least.

12. Episode 12 “Hang in There, Baby”

Screenshot (404).png

The Boss Baby flashes back to when he and Mega Fat CEO Baby first meet each other and where actually friends. The episode ultimately reveals a couple things with the main one being how Mega Fat CEO Baby betrayed which has a nice swerve to it but isn’t that enjoyable in spending time on or is the heist element utilized to its potential.

11. Episode 3 “Family Fun Night”

Screenshot (310).png

Sort of a bland and forgettable episode. Easily the most skippable episode, while it has a nice moment of the parents sticking up for their kid not much really happens in this episode.

10. Episode 10 “Par Avion”

Screenshot (400).png

I come all this way to see the Boss Baby and when I get to this episode he’s drugged out of his mind and sleeps through most of the episode. While there’s some fun to be had in this episode like Stefvan the man with abnormally small hands and the guy who smells news this episode is about as fun as a flight with 12 screaming babies on it.

9. Episode 7 “The Boss Babysitter”

Screenshot (351).png


8. Episode 11 “Cat Cop!”

Screenshot (402).png

While I applaud this episode for shining a light on corruption rampant in the police force don’t have much to say about this one. The Boss Baby teaches Tim how to negotiate and montages of miming negotiation tactics is most of this episode. The copy and paste asset work on the Ice cream on top of the pizza looks horrible. Besides that, the ending is interesting to see these characters do have feelings and sense of a moral compass.

7. Episode 2 “Cat’s in the Cradle”

Screenshot (320).png

Probably the most standard episode of the show.

6. Episode 5 “Monster Machine”

Screenshot (342).png

Staci and the Boss Baby collude to win the little Dumpling Baby Pageant. Would be higher if it featured a montage set to the tune of Beastie Boys- Sabotage. Jimbo and Tim Templeton have to cheer up Baby Kurt Cobain… Also Tim is a loser.

5. Episode 13 “Six Well Placed Kittens”

Screenshot (406).png

A surprisingly epic finale with many callbacks from the entire season. While the conflict seems short-lived it seems to hit all the notes that the series has been reliant on.

4. Episode 1 “Scooter Buskie”

Screenshot (316).png

Only at the four spot?? I didn’t know I was so “Liberal”.  That’s actually a reference to the show, which credit where’s it do, the first episode does well to serve as a good indicator of what you’re in for. The episode also highlights how with such an absurd premise you need to sort of exist in an absurd world and similar to how the townspeople operate in Spongebob there’s a silly on the nose reactions of the neighborhood people and how they bipolarly function to either hate/love babies is sort of funny. This TV show is actually a pretty faithful adaptation of the movie in how it handles a balance of dumb and family sentimental values.  Also, as of writing this I checked the show’s IMDb page and this is the only episode with an image but the image is a random picture of a blonde girl with a butterfly with the words “Not Alone” an image that isn’t from the show or has any relationship with the episode or the show.

3. Episode 8 “Into the Belly of the Den of the House of the Nest of Cats”

Screenshot (356).png

An episode name that proves this show knows how “serious” it should take itself. Since I’m sure not all of you will watch these episodes here’s the plot summary of this episode: The Boss Baby becomes a furry, Jimbo falls in love with a cat, and an old schizophrenic lady goes to jail for licking the fur off of cats into sweaters. No really, that’s what happens don’t believe me go take a look for yourself.

2. Episode 4 “Formula for Menace: A Dekker Moonboots Mystery”

Screenshot (330).png

Who doesn’t like a good mystery. It’s a goofy episode, also there’s something funny about the Boss baby having a mean right hook.

1. Episode 6 “The Constipation Situation”

Screenshot (349).png

The Boss Baby has to take a shit, that’s the episode. The premise of this episode is so dumb that it seems to perfectly the equally dumb premise of the entire show. While I will admit I wasn’t going to put anything else on top of the list this episode is the perfect episode to get the full experience. There’s cats that make crying baby noises that in a less cartoonish medium is fodder for a pinch of nightmare fuel. There’s a moment when the mom is yelling at the radio talk show discussing the ineffectiveness of local politicians which is a moment that proves while I ironically was able to enjoy the more self-aware absurdist humor of the show. The best example of how awful the animation could be is in this episode as they have a bunch of squeezy toys being squeezed but they exist as one whole mass so it looks like an ugly jarring wad of gum and it’s hilariously bad. The episode ends on a bit of a tease which was a good example how this show actually does a decent job at a progressive and ongoing season arc. If you want to see the actually quality of the show as a decent kids program or an ironic chuckle this is the one episode you need to check out.


That’s it I finished the season, hope you now see why they call me the boss. What are your thoughts on the Boss Baby? Which Episode interests you the most, let me know and as always I’ll see you at the movies.


If you have any respect for me after not being so harsh on the Boss Baby: Back in Business [images credit Netflix/Dreamworks] be sure to follow.

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