The K-Files: Avengers Infinity War is NOT the Biggest Crossover

The answers are somewhere, the paranormal and anomalies of the world cannot remain unsolved, there must be a solution to it all. It’s a strange world we live in and it amazes me how we choose to live in ignorance and not explore the reality we live in. The Avengers: Infinity War has been a […]

I TRIGGERED! Microsoft Word

Oh Microsoft Word, the royal persons of passive-aggressively correcting spelling and grammar mistakes. We was writing something, and then when we went back to go edit it and we found the squiggly red line indicating an error. Inclusive Language? Consider using gender-neutral language? We could not fudging believe it. We are sorry but it is […]

Travel Guide to the Netflix Original Series ‘The Chalet’

In search of a good television I came across the Netflix Original Series The Chalet. A horror mystery spanning 6 hour long episodes about a group of friends traveling back to a remote Chalet in the mountains and uncovering that there might be something dark at play seemed intriguing enough or a possible dumpster fire […]

Friend Request (Review)

Friend Request follows the journey of me, trying to sit through a movie I regret watching. I thought this movie might be a fun laugh given that it is the dumb Facebook horror movie but it’s just not worth sitting through. I would say Bedeviled was had fun with itself, I’d even say Satanic was at […]

‘Eighth Grade’ Bo Burnham’s Directorial Debut has its charm.

I just saw Eighth Grade and it was delightful. Comedian Bo Burnham makes his directorial debut and it seems to fit the introspective material that has been the staple of his young career. Despite Burnham having a great sense of humor, I wouldn’t sell you this movie as a comedy. The film certainly has its […]

Oh My ‘Darling’ (2015) ! [review]

What in heck did I just watch. I love this movie in that… I want to love this movie. The Cinematography “que bella”. This homage to classic psychological horror is endearing, it’s a little raw in that fade to blacks and the sound effects seem rudimentary but it just even more gets the feeling […]

Get More Movie Reviews and Recommendations!

  Hey, have you ever been reading an article of mine and wish I would just shut-up! Do you wish you could have a better understanding of my movie tastes and what I would recommend you seeing in a quick and easily digestible format now you can. I am know on Letterboxd an app and […]

The Unapologetic Mrs. Maisel Makes for Great Television (Review)

Amazon Prime’s streaming service executives have their fingers crossed that Amy Sherman-Palladino’s (Gilmore Girls creator) comedic drama 1950’s period piece will be an Emmy winning series for the site. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has been universally applauded by critics and TV viewers alike reaching astronomical scores on IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes. I finally got a […]

Every Episode of “Boss Baby: Back in Business” Ranked

Hello, I’m K and I hate myself. So with that in mind I decided to watch the entire first season of Boss Baby: Back in Business. Dreamworks’ Boss Baby is everyone’s favorite movie… I think and after the outrage followings it’s loss at the Oscars for Best Animated feature to Coco it only made sense for […]

Why I Disagree with the ‘Wonder’ Controversy

Oh boy I’m angry! I’m an angry fella, who’s gonna say a bunch of ad hominem and pretend that if I say my point  LOUDER, than that makes me more right than you. Sorry I’m new to this, that’s how these usually go right? How about instead I just keep it casual and give my two […]

The Best Movie I’ve Seen All Year! Easter -Egg fun fills Ready Player One (Review)

Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Ready Player One is a fun adaptation that is certainly not flawless but for the target audience of younger children and video game fans this one should be a doosie. Before going into my thoughts on certain plot elements and potential spoilers I want to address some overarching points. The special […]