This Film Will Do to Domestic Housewives What Jaws did to the Ocean!

Did that cheap overused marketing tactic grab your attention, good because we have a weird one today. That title is also a tactical marketing decision because I don’t what to say Bitch (2017) review, it’s not very inviting. I mean you hear the title Bitch and you kind of think… that’s not very progressive. Then you […]

Free Burritos!

So the other day a friend of mine alerts me to this email he got, saying that this mexican restaurant ( let’s call it Sombrero) is opening a new location within walking distance and they’re doing a promotion.  The ad opens: ” The first 100 fans in Line At 9AM” First I don’t know why but […]

40% on Rotten Tomatoes, Are the Critics Wrong on ‘A Wrinkle in Time’? (Long Review)

A Wrinkle in Time (more like a Drinkle of Wine,Please), Ava DuVernay’s big Disney adaptation featuring the future American president…Mindy Kaling. Adapting the 1960’s book by Madeleine L’Engle, the science fiction story hopes to use the vibrancy of cinema to bring this modern novel to a contemporary audience. However, the reception to this film has […]

The County Sheriff’s Office is on Fire and The Cows are Exploding! (Review)

Today I learned that WordPress will not limit how long my title can be… interesting. With that bit of new found knowledge I came up with the original title of “The County Office is on Fire and The Cows are Exploding! What’s Going On In The Mind of Martin McDonagh Director of ‘Three Billboards Outside […]

K Predicts March Madness: Who’s Going to the Final Four?

South Bracket West Bracket East Bracket   MidWest Bracket Final Four That’s my bracket fell free to make fun of me for everything I get wrong. Who do you think is right/wrong and who are you picking to win it all? Let me know if you’re having fun watching March Madness or you couldn’t care […]

Did Devin Booker Have The Greatest 3-Point Shootout Performance Ever?

The Trifecta, the gimmick that would become a game changer. Upon its adoption from ABA to NBA, many opposed the introduction of the three-point arc finding it unnecessary and a cheap infringement on the purity of the game of basketball. However, those who diametrically opposed the three pointers would end up on the wrong side […]

Have a Good Time with ‘Good Time’ (Review)

Looks like it’s time to stop giving Robert Patterson shit for that one terrible role that haunts his past. Listen I don’t care how much you hated Water for Elephants the man does have talent. Patterson has an enthralling performance as that guy you don’t want to make eye contact with when in a Jack-in-the-Box at […]

The Magic Found Beyond Wealth: ‘The Florida Project’ (Review) The Florida Project is an exhibition of guerilla filmmaking at it’s finest. Director Sean Baker greatly improves from his iPhone shot film Tangerine and produces such a charming movie. The Florida Project is a mixture of false fantasy and the harsh reality that presents an absent plot film that gives us a slice of […]

Indulge in the Cinema Delicacy That is ‘Phantom Thread’ (Review)

An introduction is overrated, let me tell you why I would recommend going to see Paul Thomas Anderson’s Phantom Thread. The best way to describe where I’m coming from with this film is that it’s less of an affection towards this film but a deep admiration.  I find this film very comparable to Amadeus (Forman, […]

Wreck-It-Ralph 2 trailer and the Disney Double Standard.

I don’t get it. Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It-Ralph 2 trailer released and it seems pretty well-received. Let’s be honest. It’s not much different than the critically beloved The Emoji Movie. So why do as critics we find that something like The Emoji Movie which takes place inside our phones get deemed a shameless pandering […]