Chances are if you’ve seen a horror movie recently it was utterly horror-ible. What once was a genre of experimentation and resourcefulness is now an embarrassing label to give lazy and uninspired garbage. Pushing the envelope of crafting grotesque special effects or bizarre unsettling alterations to the film media has swiftly been replaced with obnoxiously trying to limbo under how much money you can make while putting in the least amount of effort to make a shameful version of the same 5 movies. Apparently for some reason an abundance of horror movies are being advertised now and by the looks of it… 2018 is not going to be a good year. Here’s a look at some upcoming horror movies and let’s see if the horror genre is truly dead.

The First Purge

What a disgraceful mess. I’ve only seen the first Purge movie and it was terrible. Admittedly The Purge seemed like an interesting hypothetical, a grand what-if situation. I made the bitter mistake of thinking that this was a satirical premise, something like “A Modest Proposal” or Dr. Strangelove but that would have required someone with actual intelligence to have made it. The film is riddled with clichés, flat characters, and almost laughable moments of stupidity. The Purge only really works if you shut your brain of and don’t think about it. Of course it’s an implausible premise that’s not the point, no one really complains about how the fashion in which natural resources are allocated would most certainly not occur in real life from Mad Max: Fury Road. That’s why it’s beyond me why the hell would you spend sequels trying to justify the plausibility of The Purge. The Walking Dead would be a terrible show if they didn’t develop their characters and you didn’t care who got smacked with Negan’s bat because the show rather spent an entire season trying to justify how the zombie apocalypse is occurring. For anyone who thinks this is too critical on The Purge franchise, then please enlighten me, tell me your favorite character from the movie?

I find it sort of pathetic that the Purge movies are pandering with this politics angle it’s been presenting in the third film and this upcoming film. I don’t know since the scenario is greatly hyperbolic and the writing is rather poor and more concentrated on pointless violence the political message really never gets past the government is “bad” sort of message.

Honestly, The Purge isn’t that outrageous, misguided and kind of immature but I think with the world expansion and execution of jolting violence I can understand if you enjoy it on a shallow level. The movie has some cultural staining power because the premise is mildly amusing and easy to understand and mock. The Purge franchise has kind of become a parody of itself at this point, not necessarily a horror film or a good movie but might not be absent of some entertainment. Unfortunately, The Purge can’t even be a bizarre parody anymore when real life has things like this:

Words can not describe the joy me getting one would bring. Also… this is not a parody but a real commercial and product.  Maybe the Purge isn’t such a wild idea.

So, when in the not so distant future when your future boy asks you “Hey, I want to see The Purge 22” It’s time to get a new hypothetical kid, hope you kept the receipt. How about we just make that a movie, in the future you can get a refund for your dumb kid but instead of having a point or making an engaging story we just make fifty percent of the movie convincing you how the economy became depend of child shops and just make it a completely original found footage movie.

Come back for part 2, I wanted to sort of experiment with my content and instead of releasing the complete list of upcoming horror movie trailers and releases I want to address all in one long review I thought I place them into an easier to digest mini-series format. What do you think of this Purge teaser? Would you watch a child refund movie, couldn’t be much worse than The Thinning if you ask me. Let me know, comment below. Thanks for stopping by you incredible you and as always I’ll see you at the movies.

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