‘Atomic Blonde’ The Good, The Bad, The Ugly (Review)

This movie could be described as a total bombshell or better yet a “blonde-shell”! Ha ha… I only amuse myself. By that I mean the 1st Oxford dictionary definition: 1. An unexpected and surprising event, especially an unpleasant one. But also the second definition works as well: 2. informal A very attractive woman. Not so sure about […]

10 Valentine’s Day Cards/Poems to Give to Someone Special

So mistakes have been made, and the way things stand you’re not going to have the BEST valentines day of your life. Maybe you took that special someone to that cute bunny movie and they left feeling viciously attacked because it hit them in their soft spot their “allergies”. Maybe you just forgot to get […]

Just Helvetica

You don’t understand, It’s EVERYWHERE! EVERYWHERE! So, this is going to be an odd one to add to my library as today’s topic is the omnipresence of a certain font…not Comic Sans.  Doesn’t your name imply that you should be talking about movies? Yes, but here’s the deal 1) This post is inspired by Gary […]

Colts Cope: Accepting the Break-Up with Josh McDaniels

To any other fan of the horseshoe, I’m sure there’s nothing you want more than this season to be over. Despite our season being presumed over a long time ago, the franchise keeps making headlines for all the wrong reasons. First it was the tragic death of Edwin Jackson , my sincerest condolences to friends […]

The Cloverfield Paradox: It Sucks

Background The Cloverfield Paradox is the third installment of a franchise that barely deserves any recognition. The Cloverfield franchise is rather a trilogy of marketing campaigns. The first being this mysterious found footage trailer that garnered a lot of speculation that heightened the films popularity. Then you have a marketing campaign in 10 Cloverfield Lane […]

The Best, Worst and Forgettable Super Bowl Ads of 2018.

  The Super Bowl this year failed to disappoint as Nick Foles lead the Philadelphia Eagles to the franchises first Super Bowl victory. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots where no slouches as the teams combined for an NFL post season record of 1,151 total yards as the Zach Ertz demonstration of the questionable […]

Is Horror Dead? – Part 4 (Slender Man)

So, for the past couple of years there has been some real abysmal horror movies, most recognizably The Bye-Bye Man, that are pretty much a Slender Man movie, but didn’t have the shame or self-loathing to actually call it that. Out of every studio, of course Sony Pictures would be the one to put slim […]

Is Horror Dead? – Part 3 (Unsane)

When I first posed the question, I never meant for it to be rhetorical. While the current state of the genre is dreary, I’m not really here to answer that question for you, instead I’d rather lay out what’s coming out and give some thoughtful input to allow you to determine where you see the […]

Is Horror Dead? – Part 2 (The Strangers: Prey at Night)

Hello and welcome to part 2, or as I like to call it the drop in views because Donald Trump isn’t in the thumbnail. bummer. If you haven’t read part one was on the new Purge teaser trailer. Continuing into our investigation of the dying heartbeat of the horror genre. This time the completely necessary […]

Is Horror Dead? – Part 1 (The 1st Purge)

Chances are if you’ve seen a horror movie recently it was utterly horror-ible. What once was a genre of experimentation and resourcefulness is now an embarrassing label to give lazy and uninspired garbage. Pushing the envelope of crafting grotesque special effects or bizarre unsettling alterations to the film media has swiftly been replaced with obnoxiously […]