Hey everyone, hope you’re all having a happy new year. 2017 was… interesting but now it’s time to usher in the collective shared optimism that we can make 2018 Great….again? That said 2017 was the year that K at the Movies all started and I’m sure that I’ll bury or burn the questionable quality content some day but as of now the several months that 2017 gave me will always be the humble beginning and forever thankful to everyone who got to be a part of it. 2017 was ultimately a year of learning, and with it coming to an end I thought I’d mention 5 neat things I learned from joining WordPress in 2017.

1. Search Engines

So WordPress allows you to look at some analytics and stats which is pretty neat, It’s always interesting to see how different people use the internet. It should a surprise to no one that most traffic to this site was through Google, but dang some of you people sure do like being search engine hipsters don’t you. This small corner of the internet was found with:

  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • duckduckgo
  • myway
  • AOL
  • Facebook
  • ecosia
  • qwant

Screenshot (65).png

DuckDuckGo is a search Engine that prioritizes not selling your information and keeping your privacy in tact. I’d definitely recommend going and checking them out as they have a blog, job information and neat themes to give google a little healthy competition. Ecosia is the perfect web search engine if you love the Planet. Ecosia plans to plant more trees the more you search so I think I know how to make a better planet.

Search Engines.png


2. Spam Comments

Yeah these fuckers are annoying. Thank God for WordPress having an automatic system so these bots don’t run a muck. I’m still curious as to what the grand scheme of these bots are as most of their blogs are nothing. While I can’t exactly wrap my head around what the point is, some are admittedly outrageously comical. Some notable comments are as follows:

“My tᥙrn, my turn.? Larry mentіoned eagerly wiggling to get an oppoгtyunity to tаlk. ?I think the very best thing аbout God is that he can beat up the satan because the devil is scxary and imply and ugly aаnd dangerous and God can beat him upp sο the deviⅼ can?t harm us like hee did thеse dem᧐n crammed peopⅼe in Jesus dаy”

“Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to Dailystormer.com? It’s a website about having sex with children, listening to NecroPedoSadoMaso music and giving instructions on how to commit violence against women. I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee; I’m simply trying to add more racist content for our community and I enjoyed masturbating to your work. If “OK” please let me know via email nau. Aaron Goldberg, NecroPedoSadoMaso producer, member of the Jews Against Fascism Committee, email: AutumnCote@WriterBeat.com”

“Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to the Dailyst0rmer? It’s a website about having InterCourse with children, listening to Necr0Ped0Sad0Mas0 mixtapes and giving instructions on ways to commit hate crimes. I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee; we are simply trying to add more s3xist content for our community and I enjoyed reading your work. If “OK” please let us know via email ndq. Aaron Goldberg, Necr0Ped0Sad0Mas0 producer, member of the Jews Against Fascism Committee, email:”

“Final WARNING cj from Antifa. STOP publishing racist, sexist and homophobic content on your fascist blog or we WILLdox your information. We know people from the Democratic party. We are NecroPedoSadoMaso xo. Fck fascism.”

Yeah, occasionally check your spam comments and you might find some fun ones such as these. But, a lot of the time Spam is clever enough to mask itself as being strangely nice and encouraging. A lot of “I found your blog helpful” kind of comments which I’m flattered these copy and paste bots really enjoy what I’m selling. Thanks to the people who take the time to either leave a comment, follow the site, or leave a like it’s amazing to know that this just isn’t for the bots but real people.

3. Writing is a Commitment

I salute anyone on here who’s been doing this much longer than I have, as it does require a certain level of input to get a decent output. I think sticking to a creative endeavor is much an accomplishment of itself but the ability to do all the components of pre-planning, writing, editing, finding visuals to provide context without infringing on copyright, and if your anything like me sometimes you make an abominable thumbnail picture for a little extra “personality”. I think you get writers’ block or burned out, or frustrated with the numbers but overall If you continue to give something into each post, I can’t say you’ll be a success it be mighty pretentious of me to say that given I’m no big shot but maybe you’ll create something that’s you’ll think is worth it and what’s better than that.

4. Opportunities Will Come and Go

I’m honestly completely still shocked that I was able to get the opportunity to the now deceased Creators.Co site. For anyone who hasn’t seen some of my past posts on Creators it was essentially a fan-based sharing website that invited many online voices to express themselves. Editors curator picked articles to be featured on the still active (It’s Dead inside) Movie Pilot and offer it’s “worthy” writers the status of verified creators and paid in commission. Some how despite, being an idiot I got accepted into the verified creators and I think was one of the last few before the company decided to discontinue the creators platform in late November. I guess my writing was SO BAD, that someone was like “yeah, it’s time for the creators to end” – Luke Skywalker.  Still it was a fun time making $4 and a great vote of confidence moving forward. It’s unfortunate that I miss the views that came with the platform and the motivation of actual incentive. However, at the same time I never really abandoned the way I wanted to do things, even if it didn’t fit in, and I never felt that Creators was my permanent place. I think if this story has anything to take away that it’s to always appreciate what you have, because you don’t really now what you got till it’s gone. I hope anyone ready this gets the opportunity they’re wishing for, and hold on tight and just go for it.

5. There’s Tons of Interesting Stuff to Find Here

It’s interesting to me how WordPress is a whole world on the web that you only know if you know. There are actual legitimate sites like Variety that use WordPress as a platform. Call me a creepy but if you liked or followed me than there’s a good chance that I got curious and decided to return the favor in a way and visit your incredible stuff. Unbolt Me is so bizarre, such a unique experience trying to figure out how to look at everything on that site is the quirky fun time it was meant to be. Jeet  Dhanoa was the first person to like anything on here and I looked at his The Shining analysis and man I remember just thinking how much work must have been put into that. The one day I was featured on the side bar of Jordan and Eddie was oddly an honor. And to one of the early followers and someone who’s left some good likes here and there, Nick Kush over at MovieBabble congrats on your growth in 2017 best of luck on your Patreon goals and keep posting the good stuff.

Screenshot (172).png
I made it. Thanks guys (4th on the right.)

But really, there’s a lot of great movie reviewers, book reviewers, and others who are posting incredible things that I don’t have time to single theme out. That’s why if you have the time check out the at the movies sections trust me, why I don’t know, but trust me that you’ll find some cool people in their.

Final Remarks

Thanks for 2017. Hope anyone who sees this has a great 2018. Bye leave your spam comments down below, follow to get a good seat in the at the movies sections. Thanks fellow movie goers and as always I’ll see you next year at the movies.

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