Ladies and gentlemen, boy gents and little lassies and welcome to First Impressions. First Impressions can be difficult as I’m sure you already left and clicked onto something else by now. No you’re still with me, dashing! With the numerous shows out there to binge or occupy our time it’s difficult to decide upon which show is worth the effort. That said I’ve watched the first episode of some notable series and give you my first Impressions. Simple enough, shall we begin.


Mindhunter stars Jonathan Groff as an FBI in the late 70’s as he attempts to incorporate deeper psychology into crime-solving to better grasp the complex motives of sinister men. The first episode as well as all bookend episodes are directed by well renowned film director David Fincher (Gone Girl, The Social Network, ZodiacFincher’s style is at full display as his shadowy sickly green world comes into fruition. It will be interesting moving forward to see how others directors come in and do some sort of replication of Fincher’s visionary style.

The hour long episode has the pacing of a snail but one that seems much in tune with the tone of the episode. The audience is actually introduced to the world in the middle of a hostage situation. Instead of high tension, the scene almost lulls the audience into a false steadiness, a stillness of breath and heartbeat that it almost comes as a subversion when the crescendo of the scene interrupts. Pacing is a little concerning with the show from what I’ve seen so far that it feels more like an elongated movie than a TV show and that it took one hour to get 1/10 of the way through with my movie. So basically all the action of about 12 minutes of a film but in an hour.

Holden Ford is a difficult character to wrap your head around at first. The best comparison was that he felt similar to the video game character of Norman Jayden from  Heavy Rain. Most characters haven’t really gotten past shallow introductions, but all seem to generate some interest, leaving the audience with an eagerness to learn how relationships will evolve.

At first glance: Mindhunter is technically pleasing with overall grand production value. The subject matter is interesting, while character’s have left a little more to be desired. Hopefully, Mindhunter hasn’t shown it’s best hand yet, as hopefully deeper plot progression can make it a truly riveting Watch.


The kaleidoscope effect opening is gorgeous. Dark is a German show, set in a small German town as the disappearance of children will reveal much more. Dark gives you options on how to watch but I thought to get the best experience I would go with the original German voices, with English subtitles.

The pacing Dark is freaking Blitzkrieg, wasting little time and keeps this progressing smoothly. The show feels like a much mature, darker version of both Stranger Things, and Stephen King’s It. So far the show display clever ways of introducing exposition with either snappy dialogue or moments of actually showing and not telling. Multiple mystery elements just proves that I ain’t seen nothing yet.

Dark also seems to have this angle of complicated theories on time and space. The show opens on the quote:

“The Distinction Between Past, Present, and Future is Only a Stubbornly Persistent Illusion” – Albert Einstein

So what started as a delightful evening of watching TV turns into me wondering how time is a man-made concept which fractures the infinite linear relationship in which cells cycle upon an never ending re-purposing as matter is neither created nor destroyed and how finite consciousness is placed within the never-ending cosmos and has the ability to comprehend it’s almost meaningless existence until the point where you gotta go like this:


At First Glance: Dark intends to not shy away from the more convoluted and grim parts of existence. From the score, storytelling, and visuals Dark is a very cinematic TV program. I’m curious as to where this will lead the main characters and what exactly is in store for them.

Final Remarks

No one said this had to be a competition, I think you can’t go wrong with either one of these fine shows. I think I’m going to personally continue watching Dark at the moment, but will eventually follow up with Mindhunter. Have you watched either show, let me know what you thought or what your first impression was with a comment below. Have any other shows to give impressions on then also comment one down below, leave a like if you so feel so and don’t be afraid to follow me for more content. If you read it all, thanks a bunch and as always I’ll see you at the movies.

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