The Quick Pitch: What I Would Adapt Into A Film Franchise?

One possible adaption that can be brought to the silver screen, with a good chance of successful would be the Erin Hunter Warriors series. The fantasy childrens’ novels are considered a high concept; Patrick Frater of Variety neatly sums it up into “a series of books about four clans of warring feral cats”. Not only is it high concept but it also meets the standard of being a presold concept. The books have “sold over 30 million copies” and bears resemblance to other popular kid’s media such as The Last Airbender, and with it being “licensed in 35 languages around the world” it certainly has wide, international appeal. I think the biggest barrier for the project has been broken in for a story to focus on cats I think with the improvement of 3-D animation and 2-D computer animation there are options on how to conduct the production of the adaptation to visually get everything across. With modern technology, the greatest factor in adapting these novels to the screen is the novel themselves. Each book comes to about 300 pages and with over twenty books throughout the series the problem lies with each book not being enough and the series being too much. Each section however is six books which becomes more workable but still will cause reductions and details to be omitted in the process. The adaptation should not lose too much in translation between mediums because of the simplicity and image description heavy nature of the novels, yet some loss could come in story or character development in slight difference between youth stories and youth movies as film may be stricter on visual violence causing that to omit death and blood from the cuddly cat movie. If the series can maintain its original audience in adaptation and reduce it to find the necessary elements of the story, there is a successful film franchise to gain and Alibaba Pictures a Chinese e-commerce group has acquired the film rights and it appears to be attempting to do just that.

Personally, I enjoyed this series back in the day and I think it would have a lot to offer in being a film franchise that would be visually interesting, feel familiar yet be something sort of new but in the process be somewhat mishandled and ultimately forgotten like the Guardians of Ga’Hoole. Are you familiar with the series, whether you are or not let me know with a comment below if you could see this as a film/franchise and how you would go about doing so. Or feel free to share your own adaptions that you would make.

Feature Image: Front covers of the Warriors Book series designed by Owen Richardson picture credit: GreenFeline777

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