Why Don’t Celebrity Couples Ever Last?

To the dismay of many it was recently made public that after eight years together in marriage, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are separating. This marks the end of the road for our cute untapped celebrity couple pet name of “Paris” or maybe “Fratt”. I’m not here to speculate as to the reasons why, I can only imagine that many things came into consideration but one thing they seemed to have forgot to consider is the distraught feelings of random strangers on Twitter. If there is anything I learned from La La Land it’s that you can be married to your career or that special someone but you can’t have them both. Honestly, I wish them both just to be happy moving forward and I really feel for their four-year-old son as I could only imagine the difficulty behind having separated parents let alone high profiled busy celebrity parents. This break up has people claiming that “love is dead” and “what hope do any of the rest of us have” and pop culture has no fear showing it’s infatuation with celebrity pairings that I want to conduct sort of case study exploring the idea of the celebrity couple and why it has a common belief that it never lasts.


Why Celebrities Date Other Celebrities?

I think to answer this question in any way is to be oversimplifying how to people came to be together but as far as in a broad sense it seems that famous people don’t act much different from the rest of us. Surveys find that people are most likely to meet that special someone through real life personal interaction first.
“According to a 2,373-person survey conducted by Mic… 18- to 34-year-olds met their current significant others through mutual friends than … close to 39% of respondents said they met “through friends in common,” closely followed by 22% who said they met out in a social setting.”
It makes sense that these well-endowed people visiting fancy restaurants, running press tours, and living in wealthy neighborhoods are going to most likely to interact with people of the same or similar status. I think this is even more so with celebrities in that those who indulge in celeb status are more isolated into that realm. Not only that but as you can see that a major alternative is through dating apps and I just don’t think you’re going to find Jennifer Lawrence on Tinder. Tinder functions in a way to filter or do this swipe right vetting process to be in contact with people considered to have an appeal based on some subjective tolerance based on the user. Celebrities just wouldn’t be able to utilize these to apps effectively despite that I would love to see them try. However, in the case of many Hollywood couples to again make a hasty generalization it appears that there are many wealthy but not necessarily famous people that also would have contact with celebrities but for the most part: actors date actresses, writers marry other writers, performers fall for other performers. That is because yet again, this just seems to be how people work. It was found that:
“For married couples in which both members work, a little over 12% of those couples share the same occupational group. All percentages are estimates based on a sample” – Dan Kopf, Priceonomics
Looking at the chart, it’s impressive that how common a couple shares an occupational commonality. Anyone thinking that these are low numbers, ignoring factors such as general population of all sectors, location trends, and other lurking variables making it a matter of simple probability choosing one of these occupations and drawing a matching one out of a hat would be a 4% chance which these mostly exceed. One hypothesis of this study was how:
“The occupation group of Farming, Fishing, and Forestry has far the highest rate of within group marriage at 25%… This high rate may be because there is a less diverse mix of occupations available to people in rural communities compared to urban ones.”
While I certainly can’t say that celebrities are living in rural areas I think in the case of higher tier celebs you could argue that they reside in a more figurative less diverse community to mingle. Celebrity couples make sense that compatibility is often based on common interests and like the slogan for the lottery “you can’t win, if you don’t ever leave your house” and when celebs leave the house chances are they are encountering other celebs on their daily basis.

Why Celebrities Don’t Date Average People

She's out of My League.jpg
Alice Eve and Jay Baruchel in ‘She’s Out of My League’ [credit: Paramount Pictures]
I’m not say that it never happens… because that’s wrong but typically I would say it’s not to be expected. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of genuine couples that features a star falling for someone outside the spotlight as you can see here, but there are some factors that makes it understood why this isn’t the case very often. I think first is that the spotlight is not for everybody, in some way or another celebs asked for this or at least in pursuit of their work had a faint idea of what they were getting into. This normal people looking for companionship, and love not being subjected to a wild amount of attention or be the subject of fascination or scrutiny in the media. The greatest obstacles to these types of relationships would be in some cases be unbalanced. Commitment is based on trust and there comes reasons for both sides to be distrusting of the other. In reference to Matt Damon and Luciana Barrosos’ lovely relation, writer for Variety, Patricia Garcia speculated that part of the relationship is helped by the fact that:
“Unlike other non-famous spouses of A-listers, Barroso has never tried to use her husband’s status to further her career. There has been no cookbook, no producing career, no full-court press on social media.”
Matt damon's wife.jpg
Matt Damon with his wife Luciana Barroso. [credit: Nicolas Genin]
In some ways being a celebrity is a vulnerable thing: The media will warp your words to perceive you how they want to display you, agents probably manipulate you to benefit their own pockets, and even friends and family might try to abuse their relationship with you to benefit themselves. Not saying being famous is the most pitiful thing in the world but there is some reasonable paranoia in the possibility that this person you want to love is in some way using you to gain something. On the other side of the coin, a the “normal person” in this situation must learn with deal with so much in chipping through the mold of star persona and these celebrities seemed loved by many and somehow discern that your love is still special. Will I don’t know the legitimacy of the anonymous source of a cosmopolitan article “What It’s Really Like to Date a Celebrity” while it seems pretty generic, and possibly a fictional account it captures the suspicion of the other side in that this person thoughts were as follows:
“What I didn’t love about our relationship: his phone going off at all hours… I was consumed with thoughts of him cheating…I never felt like I could relax with him, because my feelings for him were progressing faster than the relationship was.”
These relationships in some regards, for some people are dead on arrival in that there’s just no way to make it work, some can but for others they are just peddling an impossible task to attempt to neutralize this type of relationship. You also have the theory that many believe that some celeb relationships are fabricated in order to mutually raise each other’s’ fame status. I don’t think these are the ones who get married and I don’t want to point fingers exposing who is believed to be fake because I don’t claim to know that but that’s another reason famous people hooking up with regular people isn’t favored or noticed as much in the industry.

Why Do Celebrity Relationships Never Work?

Long lasting celebrity couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt didn’t even make it last forever. [Poster of ‘Mr & Mrs. Smith’ Credit: 20th Century Fox]
I’m sure the numbers vary depending on what survey you look at, but one such study conducted by the Marriage Foundation found that:
“Celebrity marriages twice as likely to break down as those of everyone else, 50% of star couples who married between 2000 and 2010 divorced by 2014. By contrast, over same period, 26% of normal marriages ended in divorce”
It’s incredible how inefficient these marriages between celebrities tend to be. I’m positive that there are personal reasons from each case to case basis but I think the main point I would make that’s stated well by Time Writer, Michael Musto in how:
“members of show business couples are competing in the same field, and their power balance keeps shifting as their careers wildly ebb and flow”
Others want to make this point about bitter jealously and clashes of ego and while I guess that may be the situation sometimes but I would urge you to think a little differently. A life as a celebrity is one that is so volatile in a perpetual state of constant change that it shatters the comfort of marriage. Apply it to this recent version of the same story Anna Faris isn’t who she was 8 years and Chris Pratt isn’t in the same place he was when they first meet either. I’m not trying to get at fame corrupted these people but as people change and go through phases in their own right but these people are at a constant state of flux that due to possible nearsightedness that person who’s been your constant, that you needed in this point in your career in your life is not only not constant but unstable shifting themselves might not be what you need now. Jenny Slate, a comedian/voice actress recently opened up about her split from Captain America, Chris Evans. In her interview, she stated that:
Jenny Slate.jpg
Jenny Slate performing stand-up. [credit: Rebecca Rotenberg/CleftClips]
“We’re good friends. That’s why we got divorced…If we didn’t get divorced, we wouldn’t be able to be friends and we wouldn’t be able to do our work. We had just grown apart, and we love each other. It wasn’t easy, but not bad…No, it was bad. But not essentially bad.” – Jenny Slate
I think it hints with sort of an imbalance as well as stars with never completely aligns in their path of success and that divorce seems like a legitimate way to close chapter in their life. For a celebrity, it’s easy to identify your life being more segmented, working on different projects presenting a new stage each time your career shifts to meet the new demands. At the end of the day it’s just people trying to find people and ensuring happiness by taking someone along for the ride and conquering what life has to offer together. Marriage is a serious commitment that for some it’s trial and error and for others it reaching the level of vulnerability and be compromising enough to value someone in such high regards. Goldie Hawn another celebrity example, she had been with Kurt Russel for 30 years and never got married. In her thoughts on marriage Goldie Hawn had to say was how:
“Marriage does not necessarily mean that you’re going to stay together, and it really has to do with your will to be together, your devotion, and your ability to listen to each other.”

Closing The Book

It’s quite a thing to get married, find that special “one”. It’s unfortunate that Pratt and Faris couldn’t make it work, they both from what I can tell seem like more genuine down to earth celebrities and I wish them and their kid the best going forward. Everyone out there that decreed that “love is dead” I say there’s still plenty of relationships still out there to root from the bleachers for. I mean we still have Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively they seem like a fun duo, Jay-Z and Beyoncé are still going strong [ignoring that whole lemonade cheating thing] Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, that’s lasting longer than any of us expected. I understand if you Paris or Fratt people out there might not be ready to move on and still need time to heal those fresh wounds. Unfortunately, it’s not you it’s me we’ve had quite the time addressing celebrity couples and I think I’m ready to move on to other topics. Thank you for spending this time reading my thoughts I’ve certainly enjoyed the time writing this and only hope that the feeling is mutual.

Main Images are of Anna Faris (left) and Chris Pratt (right) are calling it quits. [Images credit: Mingle Media TV]


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