Guess What’s Coming in August? All Films Being Released This Month

The month of August is going to be… a really interesting month in terms of movies. This is the second time I’ve stepped up to the plate to address movies coming soon as I did so for multiple films in the month of July. It was a fun topic to cover, in the first installment I focused on films overshadowed by the large summer blockbusters that were featured such as: Spider-Man: Homecoming, War for the Planet of the Apes, Dunkirk, etc. However, August seems to be lacking a big pull that is going to gravitate people to the theater seats. That said let me give you a rundown of what’s coming and see if we can find the perfect one for you not to skip out on the movies this month.

The Dark Tower

Idris Elba in The Dark Tower [credit: Sony Entertainment]
Idris Elba in The Dark Tower [credit: Sony Entertainment]

Idris Elba is taking on Matthew McConaughey in a wild genre mash-up that promises to be a spectacle of yet another clash between forces of both good and evil. The Dark Tower is another on screen adaptation from the horror king himself Stephen King. This however isn’t King’s typical frightening tale but King himself describes it as:

“I realized that what I wanted to write was a novel that contained Tolkien’s sense of quest and magic, but set against Leone’s almost absurdly majestic Western backdrop.” – Stephen King

It’s both intriguing and a little concerning that this might be the most known film coming out this month. Idris Elba as the bad-ass gunslinger seems enticing and the film intends to be an action stuffed adventure with the unique twist of the glued together genres of this film. With not a lot of competition The Dark Tower might gain a strong showing and if executed fairly well should be filled with an odd group of movie goers looking for a gripping: Western, fantasy adventure, or Stephen King adaption in hopes that it delivers.


Director Kathryn Bigelow returns to the screen and is following up Zero Dark Thirty with the Dramatization of the real-life Detroit riot that took place in 1967. The film comes across in the trailers as thought-provoking in the same vein as Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing while having the intensity of The Hurt Locker. In the political climate of today, the film will certainly connect to an audience that shouldn’t have to stretch their imagination to draw parallels to current affairs. Detroit despite not being released in the dubbed “Oscar Season” do I still think that it still could be in consideration for some awards if received well by critics and audiences.

Midnight Sun

Taiyo no uta or Midnight Sun is a Japanese film that tackles the adversity of someone struggling to live life despite suffering from a rare condition. The main character suffers from xeroderma pigmentosum which causes a person to be allergic to sunlight. Can Kaoru Amane at the volatile age of 16 find a way to connect with the world outside or forever be held captive by her condition.

(My apologies, I actually don’t know how this film even get on the list it was released in 2006. It’s not like they gave a serious drama to the guy behind Step Up Revolution and are doing some sort of American adaptation starring Bella Thorne, Patrick Schwarzenegger, and Rob Riggle right? That would just be silly, wouldn’t it?)


Amanda Lipitz steps away from her primarily theater background to give a directorial debut in the style of a documentary focused around a dance group in the intercity of Baltimore. While not truly an exotic premise, the film centers around these teens as the use their dance passion to escape their problems that the audience might as well find themselves escaping into the film. It’s a typical documentary but if you yourself are passionate about dance or find yourself relating to these dancers than the documentary could be a neat personal view into having something to be passionate about.

Wind River

Elizabeth Olsen (Left) with Jeremy Renner (Right) in a scene from their new movie Wind River [credit: The Weinstein Company/Voltage Pictures]
Elizabeth Olsen (Left) with Jeremy Renner (Right) in a scene from their new movie Wind River [credit: The Weinstein Company/Voltage Pictures]

Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch investigate a murder that happened on a Native American reservation. Are you not sold?

Annabelle: Creation

The Poster for the original Annabelle movie released in 2014. [credit: Warner Bros.]
The Poster for the original Annabelle movie released in 2014. [credit: Warner Bros.]

Think that doll is creepy? Did you think that doll being creepy was not good enough to satisfy your horror needs for a full featured length film? Well try to stretch that creepy doll trying to be scary for another movie. While, I personally will ensure you I will skip this one, critics are saying that this is not only better than the original, but also an enjoyable horror flick. If you’re a true horror buff then this is your film to go look at.

The Glass Castle

Brie Larson portraying Jeannette Walls in The Glass Castle [credit: Lionsgate]
Brie Larson portraying Jeannette Walls in The Glass Castle [credit: Lionsgate]

The Glass Castle Stars Brie Larson and Woody Harrelson as they bring the memoir of Jeannette Walls to the Cinema. It should be interesting to see if the story can transcend beyond Wall given bravado of words in how:

“Walls has a telling memory for detail and an appealing unadorned style. And there’s something admirable about her refusal to indulge in amateur psychoanalysis, to descend to the jargon of dysfunction or theorize about the sources of her parents’ behavior.” –Francine Prose, The New York Times

Still the drama that occurred in Jeannette Walls real life accords is definitely more than enough to suffice a two-hour film. The casting is incredible and this film is going to be a thematically heavy film so those who enjoy a great drama should not be disappointed to peer through The Glass Castle.

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

Who saw the Nut Job and wanted another one?

Ingrid Goes West

Elizabeth Olsen (left) and Aubrey Plaza (Right) in a scene from Ingrid Goes West [credit: Neon]
Elizabeth Olsen (left) and Aubrey Plaza (Right) in a scene from Ingrid Goes West [credit: Neon]

An interesting low budget female driven comedy that’s feels rather new. Aubrey Plaza plays the role of a stalker who pursues meeting Instagram icon celeb played by Elizabeth Olsen. While odd, I think the film’s premise is an idea that can easily be played up for laughs as well as being a poignant social commentary resounding well with the millennial demographic. It seems hit or miss but if you’re willing to roll the dice this film can certainly turn out to be a pleasant surprise.

The Only Living Boy in New York

This one is a peculiar one:

“Marc Webb is directing from a script by Allan Loeb. The film follows a recent college graduate — played by Turner — who begins a relationship with his father’s mistress, portrayed by [Kate] Beckinsale” – Dave McNary, Variety

The title of the film is shared with that of a Simon and Garfunkel song which might not be the only connection the two shares. The film appears to be in sense of tone, production, and concept, seems to be reminiscent of The Graduate a film classic that heavily featured the musical duo. The film appears to essentially be a similar plot to the Graduate combined with elements of a Woody Allen New York based drama and more of a modern film package. It seems interesting to say the least. It will be interesting to see if this film can separate itself from being a nice re-imagining of these classics and create something meaningful of its own.

The Trip to Spain

This is actually the third installment of The Trip trilogy piloted by the duo of British comedians Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan. This film seems like a simple vehicle to tell some jokes and nothing much more to it. However, this film is receiving raving reviews such as this:

“director Michael Winterbottom hasn’t just delivered the funniest movie of the year, but also a comedy that casts its characters in a harsh new light.” – David Ehrlich the Indie Wire

It’s ensure there will be plenty of scenic shots of Spain and humor centering around those who enjoy exploring cuisine. It seems that this trilogy might be picking up steam as they go, improving upon each installment.

Patti Cake$

[credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures]
[credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures]

This film either had a moved or double release date which means I covered it in my July post, learn about this one here.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds (left) alongside Pulp Fiction star Samuel Jackson (Right) [credit: Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment]
Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds (left) alongside Pulp Fiction star Samuel Jackson (Right) [credit: Lionsgate/Summit Entertainment]

Samuel Jackson and Ryan Reynolds are teaming up with guns… need I say more.

All Saints

If you’re looking down this list and are asking yourself why are there no movies for me and my bible study buddies to go see then this is the film for you. Meet the true story of John Corbett who is essentially Elmer Gantry, a salesman turned pastor except not with all the corruption and deceitfulness. As crazy as it sounds Corbett must obey a voice he hears telling him to take his farm and turn it into a baseball field. I mean he hears a voice that he listens to telling him to turn his field into a farm to save the church. All Saintsdoesn’t look as bad as some of these films with ham-fisted attempts to tilt morality of good and bad but rather tell and inspiring and uplifting story. Essentially it appears to be more McFarland U.S.A, than God’s Not Dead. I think you know if you fall into the certain audience for this movie, and if you do I think you could find yourself enjoying it.


Polaroid is a horror film that doesn’t just feel done before, it has been done before. Polaroid is about a camera that when a person gets their picture taken, the person is sure to meet their demise. It sounds like a plot ripped straight out of a Twilight Zoneepisode, because oh wait it is. In the episode, “A Most Unusual Camera” features a group of crooks get their hands on a camera which prints photos that foresee the future. Just because it was covered in a popular TV show it doesn’t mean they own the idea it not like it was also the plot of a Goosebumps book.

“Say Cheese and Die! is the fourth book in the original Goosebumps book series…The book follows Greg and his friends who discover a strange camera, and things get chaotic after he takes a lot of pictures” – Goosebumps Wikia

Okay, so maybe we’re not dealing with the most “original” idea but let’s not be so critical the modern day might have something new to add to table and those versions deal with premonitions of the future while this film seems to feature some weird paranormal monster that’s involved inside the medium that’s new.

“Ellison discovers a box of 8mm films. He begins to watch them in his office and discovers they show the murders of the family he is investigating…Soon after he watches them, he notices a mysterious face in each video, who he suspects to be the killer.” – Plot summary of Sinister 2012

I get it, I must not be fun at parties. I feel like I’m being too critical on premise only just watching the trailer it doesn’t seem well executed, feels done before and horror films aren’t in season yet. However, if you’re in the mood for a fright night Polaroid might be something to check out.

Tulip Fever

Image from Tulip Fever [credit: The Weinstein Company]
Image from Tulip Fever [credit: The Weinstein Company]

This historical drama revolves around:

“… a married woman (Vikander) in Amsterdam who begins a passionate affair with an artist (Dane DeHaan) who is hired to paint her portrait. The lovers plot to run away together, and do so by banking on the tulip bulb market.” – Anthony D’Alessandro, Deadline Hollywood

The film appears to have some recognizable faces in the cast and features a lavish set design that those enjoy the Victoria aesthetic is mostly the target audience. The Weinstein Company has pushed the release date back from its intended February release which I don’t know if this romance movie would have seen more attention in the aftermath of Valentine’s day but who’s to know for sure. This might be a good date movie, not entirely a Nicolas Spark’s chick flick but what appears to be a well-crafted period piece with an intriguing romance plot.

Beach Rats

Sundance praised film with these shirtless dudes. [credit: Neon]
Sundance praised film with these shirtless dudes. [credit: Neon]

Original I was just going to write “wants to be Magic Mike” but It is much more than that:

““Frankie escapes the bleakness of his home life by causing trouble with his delinquent friends and flirting with older men online. When his chatting and webcamming intensify, he finally starts hooking up with guys at a nearby cruising beach while simultaneously entering into a cautious relationship with a young woman.” – Sundance Institute

I never thought I would hear they would make a movie that is a conglomerate of Magic Mike, and Moonlight. It seems to have the appeal of shirt-less guys that Magic Mike had but with the drama and story of Moonlight or another A24 or Sundance festival film. This odd premise has certainly grabbed my attention and hopefully will interest you to go out and see it.


Gook is a short hour and thirty-minute drama that is essential a tale of two brothers. The film focuses on two Korean-American brothers operating a shoe store an one is reaching towards the future while the other is clinging to the past. The inciting incident is the city is rioting after the Rodney King incident and the brothers much defend the store from destruction and deal with their personal issues. Gook is in black in white, has received festival praise, and is an artistic small vision film that deserves some recognition.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, every movie coming out in August. It’s something interesting in thinking how most of these films are on an equal playing ground in terms that there is no large franchise films or sequels dominating the market. Are we truly tired of seeing the same thing, as there is plenty of variety out there to prove what kind of movie you want more of. What do you think, will you be going to see any of these films or will you pass on the movie selection this month? Let me know, what you’re going to go see with a comment below and as always thanks for reading I’ll see you at the movies.


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