I, like many of you saw Spider-Man: Homecoming and it’s a pretty enjoyable film. I’ve also seen that everyone and their mother, and their grandmother has done: a review, or an Easter egg hunt, or speculation of a sequel content or franchise comparisons or how it expands the Marvel universe or pretty much anything discussing the movie. I’m going to challenge myself to waste the least amount of your time with yet another Spider-Man review and challenge myself to get across a clear and concise, straight to the point review of the entire movie in one paragraph. Here’s what I got out of Spider-Man: Homecoming ready, GO!

Spider-Man: Homecoming is a triumphant comedic take on the Spider-Man comics in laughing off some of the absurd things about the character and including more quips and snappy dialogue. The best thing about this film is how it packages and deliveries everything: there’s good comedic timing, soundtrack build up suspenseful moments, and the script is tight and flows throughout the entire story. A quick breakdown of the characters: Tom Holland – funny, relatable you definitely want to root for this guy despite having a weaker motive than previous installments ( I mean this in that in both other versions you understand Spider-Man is motivated by using his powers responsibly and do what’s best for the greater good and protect the ones he loves while this movie while presented well through a younger, more naive Spider-man is still more concerned about how cool it would be to be an Avenger and living up to these role models of his),  Tony Stark/Iron Man – Not just a cameo but inserted well as a father figure and mentor to this young hero in a way unique to the character of Tony Stark, Adrian Toomes/Vulture – Despite being a character unfamiliar to many it’s a great portrayal by Keaton a fun character that highlights while not very menacing how important it is for a villain to have a clear motive, Zendaya – doesn’t do much for me a bland role for a talented actress that is clearly an investment for future films which should be interesting how the character develops in future installments  Uncle Ben – aahh… New franchise who dis. The action scenes aren’t too intense and I’d image not too memorable but I give it props for not being the cliché   of a giant beam of light in the sky or being The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in having slow motion “epic” action stills in the middle of the movie. The movie has a strong sense of tone, but one that is light-hearted in a way that even more dramatic moments are undermined by the humor in that I certainly didn’t want a dark and gritty Spider-Man but this could not be more polar opposite from that. Spider-Man: Homecoming, a fun movie going experience that child or man-child, Marvel fanatic or casual film watcher can enjoy and have a laugh.

Image is from Spider-Man Homecoming from: Columbia Pictures (presents), Marvel Studios, and Pascal Pictures

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