Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Me?!? An Update Especially For The Followers.

How long where you all going to keep it going? I’m not mad but I’m certainly disappointed. For anyone confused let me explain, When I first joined WordPress I wasn’t in for the bells and whistles of making my blog look pretty. It should come to no surprise that I’m on the free version, but that doesn’t really matter. I just wanted to express my thoughts on films to: practice articulating my opinion, encouraging myself to explore a multitude of films and try something new and exciting. I didn’t care about making my site pretty because A) It’s free so design will come with limitations and B) I just wanted people to enjoy and focus on the thoughts and opinions being presented not the aesthetic of it.

So, I checked the Side Widget thing on the side in which I can write a message but have always left it blank (or with the stock display text) seeing it wasn’t going to add to the posts. I decided to check the widget and my whole perspective of the world changed. THIS WHOLE TIME THERE WAS SO MANY USEFUL AND NEAT THINGS TO PUT ALONGSIDE MY POSTS AND YOU ALL JUST STOPPED BY, AND NONE OF YOU TOLD ME MY SITE LOOKED LIKE CRAP? HAVING THAT STUPID UNUSED WIDGET AT THE SIDE OF MY SITE, I FEEL LIKE I’VE HAD TOILET PAPER STUCK TO MY SHOE THIS WHOLE TIME. (Exhale) That’s okay, so we can fix that.

A New Look

I admit that when exploring this I was a kid in a candy store and wanted to calm myself and not do anything crazy overboard ( Let me know if I went crazy overboard).The new side bar for those not on phones will include some new features.

  1. Necesidad de leer en otro idioma, hacerlo gracias al nuevo traductor encontrado en el lado.
  2. Acknowledging that finding my old posts are a nightmare even for me…. and I write them. So on the side of articles and the homepage will include a long list of recent posts from me.
  3. In case you accidentally un-follow me or are reading this and would like to there will be a button to follow my blog or to follow it via E-mail which is also cool.
  4. Also find articles easier or get distracted and lost in the bizarre mass that is my tags.
  5. Since I can’t stay made at you guys (I’m not actually made it’s just a joke if you can’t tell) I’ve included a widget of the people who have joined me at the movies (I’ve considered naming this section the theater or movie goers if anyone likes those better) I’ve had the pleasure of exploring some of the wonderful and amazing content of the people who’ve stumbled upon my humble corner of the internet and would encourage anyone to go and see the incredible stuff from the fellow people At the Movies.
  6. New Color scheme, more efficient home page featuring only excerpts and small adjustments to About and Contact Page.

In Closing

Thanks to everyone for all the reads, likes, follows etc. despite the lacking appeal of the site. It’s been much appreciated.  Feel free to see the new look over here at K at the Movies and leave me a comment to let me know “hey, it still looks like garbage”. As always thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you at the movies.


featured image is from The Loud House [credit: Nickelodeon Animation Studios]


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