The K Files: The Stan Romanek Case

The answers are somewhere, the paranormal and anomalies of the world cannot remain unsolved there must be a solution to it all. It’s a strange world we live in and it amazes me how we choose to live in ignorance and not explore the reality we live in. I decided it was about time I discern the truth. Recently, Netflix added a documentary about an extraordinary case that might “prove” the existence of interstellar beings. Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story is a “compelling” case of hundreds of alien encounter this one man had which spans over a decade. I decide to watch the documentary and investigate the case of Stan Romanek to see if the truth has been found.

Disclaimer: K is not accusing any person or persons involved in these films/shows of any criminal acts nor is his intention to defame the persons involved in these films/shows including the stars or the producers. This is merely the opinion of K. Also, he is not talking about the X-Files.

While initially I wanted to try to stay impartial and just weigh the evidence and give an opinion on each, but I’m just going to rip the Band-Aid off. All of Stan Romanek’s evidence is fake and any evidence of alien encounters are not real. In terms of there being life in the cosmos, theoretically I would say probably. I believe NASA has found single cell organisms on mars and the cosmos is believed to be nearly infinite so, theoretically yeah, I would think there would be more than just one planet that supports life in existence. As for crop circles, abduction stories, etc. color me skeptical. Let’s breakdown the “mesmerizing evidence” this documentary has to offer, I give you my unprofessional analysis.

The First UFO Sighting

The first UFO clip is one of the best evidence in this bunch in that it is one of the harder pieces to debunk. The early date of this piece most likely rules out CGI or photo manipulation as a form of hoaxing this craft. As far as I can tell the UFO doesn’t exactly look like a military drone or plane. The best conclusion I can come to is that this is a helium balloon. It reminds me a lot of the Balloon Boy Hoax in 2009 in which a boy was allegedly drifting in the atmosphere in a weird UFO shaped balloon his father made. It would explain the odd shape, the metallic look of the “space craft”, and why there are other reported witnesses to seeing the object. Not only is the video quality low but as far as the documentary shows we never really see how exactly it moves in the air. Below this section is an image of the Balloon boy hoax, and if you compare to Romanek’s image it does seem like a likely solution.
The Balloon Boy Hoax.

The Equations/ Alien Math

The Equations that Romanek was able to write is also somehow supposed to prove that he’s had interactions with advanced intelligent beings but I’m not so sure this is as damning of evidence as the documentary states it is. This is not a completely made up equation that Romanek has himself come up with and other mathematicians are saying this is actually a plausible equation, that would be quite impressive. No, rather one of the equations is the Drake equation, an equation used for calculating communicating civilizations in the cosmos. The Early 2000’s did not have much of an extensive internet but it did still existed as did an ancient source of knowledge called the library. The Drake formula has existed since 1961, I can say with great confidence that there had to be some way to have found out and comprehended this formula if someone went looking for it. But you’re forgetting that Romanek added (x1000) to the formula and you do realize that it’s a simple multiplier it’s just going to make the solution larger. The equations solution is to find the N = The number of civilizations in the Milky Way galaxy whose electromagnetic emissions are detectable. The film states that the multiplier is finding a probability which is untrue and it would be more impressive if Romanek had solved the values for the variables in which astronomers have been unable to determine. While interesting since this could all be achieved by reading a couple of books I don’t find that these equations necessarily are any indication of the truth.

Regression Hypnotherapy

The people behind the documentary want to believe Romanek’s story so badly that they definitely don’t stay impartial. Regression Hypnotherapy is a very controversial practice which is something the film fails to mention. Not to say that it’s never helpful to certain individuals but the practice has been known to create a problem known as False Memory Therapy.

“I am speaking of those therapists who plant false memories and encourage their clients to confront, hate, break with and sue parents for something that may or may not have happened years ago…when used improperly, they produce false memories that are enormously destructive. Because Recovered Memory Therapy is often based on bad assumptions the result is bad therapy.” – Chaplain Paul G. Durbin Ph.D.

It’s very possible that too an extend Romanek is suffering trauma from an event he remembers but never actually happened due to poorly conducted therapy. I don’t know what exactly this means in the entire scheme of things but I think Romanek’s experience with regression therapy is more of a hindrance to me believing him then bolstering it due to the controversy of the practice.

The Beam of Light

We can all agree that that is just a flashlight, right? From how the light appears like it’s switched on, to the movement to the radial dissipation of the light, it’s a flashlight. Most likely a large flashlight like the one featured below and I’ll also give a rendering of how flashlight forms to further provide sufficient evidence that this is a flashlight.

advanced alien technology
advanced alien technology
example just to confirm you understand how most flashlights don't produce a solid light beam but one the varies around the bulb.
example just to confirm you understand how most flashlights don’t produce a solid light beam but one the varies around the bulb.

The Puppet…. I mday there’s images of the side of the house in which a circular area around his camera is a cleaner white than the surrounding wall. I have an easier time believing that Stan painted or power-washed this one section than for a powerful ray of light to “bleach?” part of the wall or cause the surroundings to darken? Then the story of the people doing renovations on the wall requires a lot of faith in the word of Stan Romanek. From the snip its we see the workers never mention the landlord who allegedly sent them not proof of their “non-existent” company name from a van or their tee shirts and the people busy doing their job not turning around to talk to him is not a solid argument to say they were concealing their identities.m

Flesh Wounds

This is the one thing that I have the toughest time disputing and is possibly the most concerning bit of evidence. There are multiple photos of scabs and bloody noses suffered by Romanek. I’ve been a huge fan of Face-Off a Syfy channel show that focuses on creature design make-up and that side of the industry and with this I do think the scabbing is too realistic to be any kind of make-up effect. It could be possible it was Photoshop but again I’m not to sure and would have to be done very convincingly for that to be the case. I do think the wounds are real, which leads to the conclusion of Romanek was actually abducted by aliens who have scared his body in the process, Romanek randomly gets weirdly unconventional scabs and uses it towards his alien hoax, or possibly the most worrisome is that Romanek is willing to slightly self-harm himself and puncture his skin to provide more evidence for his hoax. I’m not going to jump to any conclusions, one of which will be that it was the work of extraterrestrials.

Aliens are Ghosts Now

Romanek obviously got ghosts and aliens mixed up when he went to hoax university so he thinks these weird shadows and orbs also count as evidence of an invasion. This time I will file these under Photoshop. I don’t know of a natural way to debunk these but the strategy that the more evidence I have the more people will thing some of its legitimate is starting to draw ineffective. The funniest line in the entire documentary is a thrown in Paranormal investigator who says, “even if 40% of his evidence is real, that’s a lot”. No, No, No what? Either you believe 100% is real this guy is authentic, or 0% is real and this guy is a con-man are people dumb enough to think that a guy who pulls multiple farces is somehow going to stumble upon actual alien evidence? These shadows, I can assure you are not aliens.

The Puppet… I Mean Alien

This is concerned the smoking gun… for both parties. See he saw an alien so everything else must be real. Everyone else says that it is obviously a puppet. How can it be a puppet, it blinks. Yeah, puppets can be made to blink too, and the movement of the creator are always on a basic axis and it never moves naturally. Also, do you really think and I mean really believe that with all the possible anatomies on this planet and ones theoretically possible through surviving the conditions of other environments that an alien is going to look a generic big headed little green man. It doesn’t help that Romanek can’t act and is doing his best impression of Mark Walberg in The Happeningimpression. I can’t tell if the horrible acting or the alien itself is the biggest indicator that this is clearly fabricated but I think it’s not too difficult to see why people don’t care what this guy has to say.

You’re Our Only Hope Starseed

I must admit, this is a pretty cool idea for a science fiction novel. That said, I decided to try and figure out if Starseed was originated from someone else than Romanek. Starseed is apparently related to the beliefs of a group known as the Sirius temple of ascension. It’s a scam… I mean legitimate service that performs reading that tell people how old their alien life-form has existed on earth. It’s pretty much reincarnation but with an alien twist, which that’s cool. Multiple novels and TV shows as well have used the term that could have influenced Romanek to use the name but I don’t know. I don’t think it’s of the realm of possibility to image fabricating a few scripted phone calls so I don’t buy this story, if anything it’s partial humorous of the massive ego you must have to proclaim yourself as an all-important supreme being.

Kioma and the Star Children

Stan Romanek Adould be an awesome name for a band. This picture is interesting I was convinced that it was nothing more than a cardboard cut-out given the look and lack of dimension the child appears to have. I could be wrong on that but it’s one of many ways to get a similar looking image. Then we have then following picture of another alien girl. d

First it was at a UFO convention so maybe like Comic-Con people might feel free to dress up to have fun. Maybe it is because of some natural shadowing but there is a slight difference in skin tone/coloration of the skin around the mouth compared to the rest of the face that might be evident that there is some silicon effects make-up to give her that unnatural look. Also, while abnormal there are numerous gene related disordersor abnormalities that could result in some sort of eyebrow deformity such as this. So, yeah her appearance might be a little beyond the usual but deeming her an alien might be a little insensitive.

Stan Romanek Admits to Pulling a Hoax

Oddly enough the document didn’t want to talk about this one. Stan Romanek was featured on podcast in which he is seen sitting at his desk. Obviously, Romanek was oblivious to where the frame of his webcam extended to as his “alien activity” that interrupts his interview is him clearly throwing pens and other things off his desk. Romanek would (seeing there’s no way around this one) confess that he was in fact creating a hoax, this one incident. He claims he did it to get the government of his back who had heavily demanded he do so to discredit himself. Seems like a good excuse to tap into everyone’s fear of big brother to save face maybe but the odds are really starting to stack up against Romanek that brings me to the ending of the documentary.


On February 13, 2014 Stan Romanek was arrested on child pornography charges.
On February 13, 2014 Stan Romanek was arrested on child pornography charges.

No matter what you believe, this story is insane. Either Romanek is the most valuable person in the universe who has been targeted by hundreds of the elusive aliens whose appearance comes in the form of: generic TV aliens, ghost orbs, shadowy ghosts, and humanoid children that has the FBI viciously attaching him and discrediting him even though he has some of the fakest looking “evidence” around. Or someone just made a documentary claiming a pedophile is misunderstood because of his traumatic experiences of his abduction left a mark on him.

Romanek is set to be put on trial later this month for these charges and he intends to bring aliens into his defense. At the end of the day, the documentary hopes to promote open-mindedness promoting the audience to ask themselves what if this is in fact real? I’ll save you the time, no it’s not. I do think it’s important to keep an open mind but also display critical thinking no matter how you look at it don’t assume you’re right and judge things at face value. Instead discover the truth with the use of skepticism, reasoning, and logic to come to an affirmed stance. Feel free to do so for yourself by checking out the documentary on Netflix for yourself. As for now, I considered this a CASE CLOSED.

[all images are from the documentary Extraordinary: The Stan Romanek Story credit: J3Films]



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