Hooray! Graduating From Creators Academy.

The internet is filled with what seems like an endless amount bloggers and vloggers who share the events that occur in their lives, sometimes even on a daily basis. I for one don’t personally enjoy the topic of myself and would rather focus on exploring others things worth talking about. I was one of those kids in high school who dreaded writing a personal narrative essay or those first day activities where they want you to “tell us all about yourself”. No thank you please just go back to reading over the syllabus I already heard in every other period leading up to this one. However, I come to you with both informative and personal news that I feel whether you’re reading this on my personal WordPress blog or among the sea of creators on Creators.co I hope to provide something addressing both sides. So, I write this just after finishing the Creators Academy and having my recent article accepted, earning me the title of Verified Creator. I guess the best place to start is to explain what’s a Creators Academy? But even before that, let me explain how I got here.

Where did I come from, where did I go?

My Profile pic, that I  really shouldn’t draw attention to.
K at the Movies started as a challenge to myself to not completely throw the summer away and actually do something productive. Being a film-making practices major at University, I wanted to keep myself diligently learning, and I thought of ways to do so, with either writing scripts or practice writing film criticism. After bringing some of my reviews to WordPress.com was I able to attempt writing to an online audience just to see how people would respond to what I was saying. Essentially it was an excuse to watch more movies and practice phrasing opinions and apply the knowledge I’ve learned so far. Then on one fateful day, I had a noticed on one of my posts, “Dig Two Graves and a Partridge in a Pear Tree” got an interesting comment. The comment was from Charandtheweb, another WordPress blog that writes wonderful posts mainly about foreign films (anyone who sees this feel free to check out her stuff with the link above or the one right here: https://creators.co/@charlottek as well free to leave the comment :“OMG! Charlotte, you do an amazing job, thanks for being awesome! On an article or contact message) In her comment, Charlotte had inquired if I had ever heard of Movie Pilot and if I would like to share some of my thoughts with them. I thought that maybe this was maybe a larger WordPress site that would either like me to collaborate with them or use some of my posts for mutual benefits. Movie Pilot, however is its own separate entity.

Movie Pilot

Movie Pilot.jpg
Official logo and Twitter profile pic of Movie Pilot.com
Movie Pilot is, as they would describe themselves as:
“a pop-culture digital magazine and social publisher with a difference: our content is created by fans, for fans”.
When first asked to join I was hesitate in fear of “selling out” or running into some sort of “catch”. However, Movie Pilot just seems like a good deal for all involved. Movie Pilot is linked to Creators.co in which millions of content creators post and share their thoughts on whatever they please. Creators is a community of creators that provides an audience for your work in terms Movie Pilot can use these articles on their site, as well as its sister sites in Now Loading (concentrated on gaming) and Champions (concentrated on MMA). Creators.co gives you ownership of your article so you can maintain post on your own personal sites and if you feel your work is worthy of a commission-based incentive then one can able for that in becoming a verified creator. Of course, for a rookie like myself, a good place to start would be to check out the Creators Academy.

Creators Academy

Creators Academy.png
Screenshot of the creators academy lesson selection. Find it on https://creators.co/academy
The Creators Academy is a 10 Lesson course that breaks down all the fundamentals of posting on the internet and provides examples of ways one can improve or think about their writing. The Academy starts off with baby steps affirming the right attitude to approach writing and beginning with introspective on why do you do what you do and the importance of outlining. Then the lessons progress from having good grammar which is the sound quality of writing in that there is no quicker way to de-legitimize yourself than having this done poorly. The academy features many neat tricks that will remind you how really a successful post comes from the sum of its whole in that the title needs to draw readers, the images and word usage needs to optimize your web net yield, and how and article needs an intent and purpose to control the reader with: visuals, topics, and formatting to clearly present a message or thought to them. The Academy hopes to guide you towards becoming a verified creator or at the very least improve upon your article quality.
To anyone who is currently going through the academy or has found a sparked interest in me talking about it here’s what I have to say about it to you. Don’t worry about struggling, I know that I had my fair share. The Academy is either self-paced which I opted for or an article a week which is slower than what I went but the point is you should feel comfortable with writing. I would encourage you not only focus on the topic of that lesson but also to continue progressing yourself. Whether it be trying to embed a tweet, trying a new format style, or going above and beyond your typical content challenge yourself to increase your capabilities as a writer. In doing so, don’t be afraid to screw up I had a major error when embedding a tweet for the first time which I felt screwed up a post I had about female directors. (for your information when it comes to embedding a tweet on Creators.co canvas you just need to post the link to the twitter page as in the like the website link, for a WordPress user go to the drop-down arrow beside the follow button and copy the embed link into your draft and change it Visual to HTML and then back to visual to display the tweet). If you need help with a question like that, then when in the canvas, preview your article and in the bottom right there is a how can I help you button. Send them your question and wait patiently as I’m sure they’re busy on the other end. With that said don’t be afraid to ask for feedback as the community is very kind and know what they’re talking about. I would advocate to just experiment try to do some trial and error and vary the times you post, what you’re talking about, and how you talk about things so that when you leave the academy you have a better feel for what you’re doing? And don’t fear failure guys I got rejected on my first article proposal, and my first verified submission. Third times the charm? Yes, but also, I think you just got to learn from your mistakes so you can do it better next time around.

Becoming A Verified Creator

It feels amazing! Sure, it was great to get that email saying “hey, you did a good job, here’s a cookie.” But honestly not much has changed. You’ll have to send them a tax form saying you’re responsible for that adult business and a PayPal email so if when you get compensation that how it’s going to happen. I’m still challenging myself because if you didn’t know payment is through commission and paid monthly only after hitting a threshold of views meaning Creators Academy is only the beginning. You’ll be added to a slack group for verified creators to pitch ideas and get feedback from the community. Essentially, it’s similar to those WordPress community pools that exist. To my peeps and fellow movie goers at WordPress, I’m still here and I remember where I started. I’ve enjoyed the personal feel of WordPress, appreciated all the likes, and visiting some of the wonderful content of my followers and readers. As of now I’ve been posting to both sites simultaneously and am considering delaying WordPress posts and possible leading with teasers to promote my creators profile but nothing has been decided at this time. Also for those curious, the article that got accepted was my recent article on Okja in which I address how the fictional story has some bizarre and interesting truths to it.

Closing Remarks

To all my WordPress followers thank you, to all those in Creators Academy best of luck to you, and to my fellow verified creators let’s keep creating. I was not convinced by anyone to promote anyone here, but I would suggest no matter where you’re reading this from to go check out the other side of the pond. From my experience Creators.co and WordPress are both great sites with plenty of interesting and humble perspectives just waiting for you to go check them out. I have rambled on about this enough, it will be rare I address myself like this but hey thought it was time to address everyone to keep them updated. To everyone who has and will read my catalog of posts thank you for your time, it is always appreciated.

for my WordPress check it out here: https://katthemovies.wordpress.com/
for more information about creators, verified creators and creators academy as well as many talented writers go explore: https://creators.co/
Go check ut the cream of the crop at: https://moviepilot.com/

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