4 Films I Don’t Quite Know What to Say About Them

This post is for the couple of films I’ve watched that recently that I couldn’t find a real purpose to write out a full post on. These films don’t share a common theme really so it should be interesting to mind bend across these transitions between films or you could just find one you want to know more about and read through that. Without further ado, enjoy my thoughts on the weird list of films I’ve seen in recent weeks.

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions

Image of Yugi Muto in the new Yu-Gi-Oh! The Dark Side of Dimensions. [credit: Konami Digital Entertainment]
As a fan of the old show I decided to check this one out. Overall, I don’t think it’s great but for a fan it’s kind of everything a fan would want. The film is filled with in jokes and moments the fans will appreciate that it almost feels like an episode of the YouTube abridged series. The film balances the old classics with a new antagonist who fits well and while treading similar waters might be the best theatrical villain they’ve had. The film is fast paced and attempts to fit a lot in, the film certainly feels stuffed but looking at it as fan-service that’s not too bad. If your one to care about the card game element of the Yu-Gi-Oh series than, this movie doesn’t exactly play by the rules. The first movie was a much better adaption of the card game and how it works in the TV show. Here, everyone just sorts of summons whatever monster they want and miraculously have the perfect counter to everything. The film doesn’t really care for that turn based tension of dramatic pauses but rather “wow! Look at this cool thing”. The film looks interesting with the CGI monster’s aesthetic that gets confusing with the 2-D designs of the more traditional cards. It’s good to see these characters kind of grow up over the years and this was a nice and proper re-visit if not the conclusion. The film is nothing special, and wasn’t necessary but for a special thing for the fans it works perfectly fine.

Get Out

Iconic image of Daniel Kaluuya as Chris Washington in Get Out. [Credit: Blumhouse productions/Monkeypaw Productions]
Jordan Peele’s clever yet entertaining social commentary horror deserves a longer review than this, but It gets lumped into this category of quick reviews for the sole fact that I don’t have much to add to the table. The film’s visuals are appealing, the script is sophisticated yet not overly complicated, and balances humor and horror well. This I’m all too sure has been said by many other people who have reviewed this film. I’m honestly astonished by the overwhelming positive outlook on this film. Don’t get me wrong it is well deserved for its creativity and execution but for something this strange that I’m a little surprised it didn’t turn more people off. The film blends the anxiousness of a Hitchcock film with the energy of a more modern horror that does do itself nicely. The film is a little rough around the edges, I think it shows that this was Peele’s first time directing but it doesn’t suffer from anything major and It will be curious to watch him progress as a film-maker in what he might have in-store in the future. The performances are great and the mystery of it all is intriguing enough, if you haven’t seen this one yet I don’t want to hype it up more than it already has been but It is certainly one that should be seen.

Cat Woman

Halle Berry as the titular character of Cat Woman. [Credit: Warner Bros.]
With Wonder Woman being the new addition to the history of DC Movies marking the triumph of a female super heroine, let us familiar ourselves with a film that reminds us of why we don’t do this. Cat Woman is a cat-astophe of a film in how with poorly out-dated CGI overuse, unnecessary quick editing and just a horrendous script combine to make this thing that exists. I decided to watch this alongside the YouTube video: YMS Commentary done by the members of YourMovieSucks.org channel. If you are a fan of unapologetic, yet reasonable opinions and blunt humor I found the audio track hilarious. YMS has always been a source of both informative, and humorous reviews that it was interesting to see them give Cat Woman the Mystery Science Theater 3000 treatment. During the commentary track the group brings up the Bechdel Test. If you’re like me and haven’t heard of it before the Bechdel test is a simple way to determine female representation in a film by asking yourself three essential questions “1.[does] It has to have at least two women in it 2. Who talk to each other 3. About something besides a man”. I wouldn’t use this to fairly determine whether a film or script is good but it is an interesting angle for some criticism especially paired up to some scenes in this film. Cat Woman is not that great of a film but through the YMS Commentary track was I able to sit down and watch a film that exposed some of its flaws and made me laugh which isn’t too bad for a viewing experience.

The Adventures of Food Boy

The Adventures of Food Boy [credit: Ezra Entertainment, Cold Fusion/Cold Spark Films]
Oh, the long review that could have been. I was watching this in preparation to turn it into a similar review to Leo the Lion or Ouija Experiment 2 but because of several factors this was not the case. I was ready to make numerous jokes about how the blonde country club kid who plays golf and then runs for student body president despite being extremely unqualified trying to earn votes by becoming a spectacle and winning the debates by doing a bunch of sniffing and spewing a bunch of baloney reminded me of…. Someone. I wanted to make fun of the cheesy effects, the 30-year-old adults trying to play high school students and just the borderline insane premise of a high schooler who can conjure up food at his will. All this considered, I actually enjoyed it. I think I entered watching Food Boy a little stressed so instead of taking notes I just fully watched it and tried to just enjoy the film. If people are allowed their fidget spinners to calmingly sedate them, then let me have my The adventures of Food Boy guilty pleasure. There’s three main reasons this one didn’t get a full review 1) It got jumped by other more important ideas and the time now has passed 2) The second act is lacking a lot of material to make-fun off/critic 3) This movie is so innocent that I feel like it would be like mocking a toddler’s spelling. The idea of this film quite possible could have been conceived in a writers meeting for a new Disney Channel original movie as it feels similar and this one guy got hungry and came up with this nonsense. It’s not even a Disney Channel original movie because they probably told him no, that sounds stupid. Disney Channel movies which involve a boy transforming into a leprechaun, a robot house, and teens getting sucked into a surfer movie probably turned this down because it was too stupid. The film as dumbfounding as it is, there’s a certain childish charm too it that while baffling I’m going to hang this one up on my refrigerator and if you’re looking for a dorky Disney Channel-esque film you might join me.

So that is my laundry list of films that I’ve seen but did not have enough to go in-depth with it but possible give you a general understanding of what they’re all about and whether you should consider checking them out yourself. All these films are interesting in their own right and feel free to check them out if you get the chance. This is a weird Franken-review I know but if you’ve read it thanks for listening to what I have to say and feel free to check out my other posts which I go more in-depth on other films and film topics.



YMS Commentary of Cat Woman


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