Quick Review: Jurassic School

When I started writing this summer I promised to force myself to make some sort of review on every movie I sit down and watch and boy is this a hard one. Jurassic School  is to put it simple an awful movie.  Something about the opening credits being in Comic Sans tells you all you need to know about the quality of the film you should expect to watch. If I had to explain the plot in a simplest way I would say “The Pokémon Go kid  creates a Dinosaur using the kinetic energy from his Mousetrap game he can convert it to power his multi-meter that he configures to work like a turkey baster so he can put a drop of food coloring on it to make an ostrich egg grow. Then the movie decides to rip-off E.T. for a good forty minutes. The film relies on the use of practical effects which is nice, how does it look?

Jurassic School Dino.png
Courtesy: Netflix

The Dinosaur is utterly hideous looking and is so stiff and life-less how is anyone suppose to empathy with it.  If I were to go into every detail of why this film fails it would mostly go into how moronic and over the top all the characters are and how half the movie makes no sense. Most of the time the movie is trying to use every vocab word in some science textbook they found and nothing they say makes any sense. The Dinosaur can’t live because the difference in the atmospheric air which is plausible considering the Carbon Dioxide emissions and the VOC’s caused by the air conditioning unit but I don’t think a fern in going to be enough to heal him. I propose to anyone who stumbles upon this review, who knows more about science to explain to me the plausibility of an experiment in which:

““create an experiment that uses analog and digital in a way that teaches us something new about Dinosaurs.”

I do think you can get a couple laughs out of it as it does have overall small moments of absurdity but  few and far in between as the movie gets dull real fast. The film really doesn’t have any redeeming quality.  I haven’t been able to find anyone given an extensive review on this film and I due think that is because it’s harmless for the most part and not worth the time.  It’s a poorly done goofy film that while I can’t say I enjoyed after the first fifteen minutes but if you’ve always wondered what if E.T. was about a Dinosaur and have an affinity for bad movies maybe this is something for you.


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