Netflix streaming service recently added David Fincher’s 2007 film Zodiac, which follows the reporting and investigation of the unsolved murders in Northern California by the self-proclaimed Zodiac, mainly through the perspective of Robert Graysmith played by Jake Gyllenhaal. The film is a craft fully produced vision into the hysteria of the Zodiac Killer that engulfs its audience into the tension and clawing desperation for the truth to be revealed. However, instead of just flat out reviewing it I instead opted to play the movies game and do some digging and research of my own. Initially I thought I would research about the history of the Zodiac Killer and what actually happened in comparison to the film’s depiction of things and that’s not what happened. To the films credit it gets it right for the most part with only minor discrepancies from the actual events that took place. I had already committed to the investigation, and along the way I discovered the continuation of the zodiac story line, how the mystery has unfolded over the decades that have passed since the events of the film took place.

David Fincher

Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

So, I’m going to mainly focus on the Zodiac case but because I kind of get my David Fincher and David Lynch mixed up occasionally, just consider this a bonus. David Fincher is possibly the greatest filmmaker of our generation or at least safe to say one of the greatest. If your unaware of impressive resume, here it is: Gone Girl, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Social Network, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Fight Club and Se7en. This is quite frankly an amazing list of films that I’m sure you’re having a hard time denying you haven’t found at least one of his films interesting. However, if you search deeper down Fincher’s IMDb page you’ll find that he like a few other directors started out on music videos rather than films. Fincher was able flaunt his style directing iconic music videos that includes working with artists such as: Aerosmith (Janie’s Got a Gun), Madonna (Vogue), even the late great George Michael (Freedom! ’90). David Fincher has certainly established himself as a staple of creative media, and I think that’s pretty cool… know it’s time to talk about murder.

The Truth is out There

I would encourage you to watch the film as it does cover most of the events that regard the hysteria created by the Zodiac. However, that was quite a long time ago. Decades have past from the release of Graysmith’s book entitled Zodiac which inspired the film and without spoiling it takes us to where the film ends. The Zodiac has not been a secret lost in time and in fact has still grown throughout the years as the internet is filled with theorist on the matter and more and more seems to emerge on possible suspects as the years separate themselves from the events that took place. Here are some of the post film suspects that are out there.

Earl Van Best Jr.


Well, Robert Graysmith you have your book that discloses the true identity of the Zodiac Killer and Gary L. Stewart will have his. According to Gary Stewart’s co-authored book The Most Dangerous Animal Of All, not only does he state he has evidence of who the Zodiac was but that he himself is the son of the Zodiac. Gary L Stewart released his book in 2014 that put to rest that his father without a shadow of a doubt must of been the Zodiac, but instead of modern day technological innovations his book has not used them and instead provides a new suspect with the historical evidence. The newly discovered revelation relies on Best’s divorce documents, interpretations of the ciphers, and the uncanny resemblance Best has to the police sketch (Seen above). Still, Stewart’s book is not without its skeptics and admittedly there’s some flawed logic with the cipher mapping in Stewart’s research. Stewart rather than solving the cipher message argues that the symbols feature all the letters in the name Earl Van Best Jr. even completing the 13-symbol cipher that the Zodiac gave allegedly revealing his name. Yet, was not having it with Stewart revealing the Zodiac with this tactic of debunking that at least “170,000” are possible through this method of “decoding” or rather lack thereof. Using the searching gadget on this site even my first name came up in multiple forms but not my last name… so I guess I’m not the Zodiac Killer. At this point, anything is possible but I think there’s reasonable flaws with the indisputable evidence provided by Stewart’s book.

Louie Myers

Courtesy: NY Daily News

Also introduced in 2014, Randy Kenney told news that his friend Louie Myers confessed on his deathbed when he told Kenney the truth… in 2002. Twelve years later Kenney decided that the people have to know. The evidence provided to support the confession include: Myers coincidence relationships with the victims going to the same high school, the coincidence of his father owning a military surplus store, and him allegedly being stationed in Germany during the Zodiac’s mysterious grace period. Tom Voigt, owner/operator of the site is not a fan of the Myers conspiracy calling it worse than the aforementioned previous hoaxes. Voight isn’t buying into the teenage version of the Zodiac Killer which is the major discredit to this theory and Voight even gives insight of past experience with Randy Kenney who he found very uncooperative. There’s little to either confirm or deny the idea of Louie Myers as the Zodiac but as it stands nothing about Myers is substantial to finally close this case. Voight in his interview endorsed one new suspect that being Richard Gaikowski.

Richard Gaikowski

Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

Tom Voight gave credibility to “Goldcatcher” theorist Blaine Blaine, who has been building a heavy case file against Gaikowski. There’s an entire timeline that links Gaikowski to on the path of the Zodiac and the damning evidence includes: His newspaper job being responsible for the weekend killings, similar appearance to the police sketch, the appearance of G-Y-K-E in one of the ciphers and the police operator, Nancy Slover allegedly identifying Gaikowski’s voice the most similar to the voice of the Zodiac. It appears that Blaine is overzealous about solving this case and while impressively extensive, lacks hard evidence to either solve the case or challenge Arthur Leigh Allen as the prime suspect.

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