Is ‘Ring Ring’ Worth Picking Up? – 31 Spooks of October

Ring Ring is a 2019 Indie film that is sure to make you feel… meh. For a film on a decently cheap budget you are sort of impressed by the film’s bolstering of a 6.9/10 on IMDb; of course until you realize most of the accounts are only a couple months old, have only reviewed [...]


Spooky Stories About Spooky Women

Rappaccini's Daughter Hawthorne, Nathaniel. “Rappaccini’s.” The Arbor House Treasury of Horror and the Supernatural, edited by Martin H Greenberg, Arbor House Pub Co, 1981, pp. 32–61. Synopsis: Rappaccini’s Daughter centers around one man’s pursuit for Faustian knowledge and the devastation it causes. Giovanni begins to study medicine in Padua when he discovers a doctor who [...]

Solving YouTube’s Spookiest Riddles (Part 2)

DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG DING DONG.... DING, DING, DING. Ready Freddy, here we go! Here at the movies... Ain't it just groovy.... the best blog of the fall. No fear K is here....with plenty of riddles to solve. Put that big brain to the test, here to help ya. All of us are [...]


For today’s entry I watched Kakurenbo: Hide and Seek, the cel-shaded animated short featuring children running around some dystopian future city playing a mysterious and potentially deadly game. Released in 2005, the film directed by Shuhei Morita premiered at the Tokyo International Anime Fair and later played Halloween night on adult swim. The 25-minute short [...]

Ready Up For A Bit of the Ultra ‘Violence Voyager’

Have you ever laid your eyes on something so strange and repulsive that it makes your skin crawl a bit? For me that was my initial reaction to when I first gazed upon this “thing” from Ujicha’s Violence Voyager. This odd-looking fetus Golem with some boom box shaped head and the eyes of a salted [...]

Scooby Doo Series Tier List

As I explained earlier this month, I am a Doo kid, I grew up with the Doo. That said I've watched I believe most of these series and why not tier list them so we can all yell at each other. If you've never watched the Scooby I will hook you up with what series [...]

Scooby Doo Films Tier List

So this might come off as a shock to people but... I'm a Doo kid! I grew up watching... a lot of Scooby. I had a bunch of toys, board games, I had a fold-able mystery machine tent, and my earliest memories on the internet was playing Scooby Doo flash games. Therefore since I've seen [...]

Spooky Tales of Supernatural Horrors

Drifting Snow Derleth, August. “Drifting Snow.” The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories, by Alan Ryan, Penguin, 1989, pp. 311-321. Synopsis: Derleth’s The Drifting Snow shows a haunting ordeal of being faced with the unknown and trying to remain ignorant of it. Derleth opens with Aunt Mary scolding Clodetta that the window is to remain undrawn. Her [...]

CUT/SHORT: Danse Macabre

Warning! The following short film contains graphic and disturbing depictions of death and suicide. Viewer Discretion is advised. The short film Danse Macabre is simply, eloquently morbid. The short is a trip through death and while it is haunting, and makes me squeamish about it, this film captures so much beauty. It captures the human [...]

Suspicious People Are Spooky

The Crowd Bradbury, Ray. “The Crowd.” Dark Descent, by David G. Hartwell, Grafton Books, 1992, pp. 167-174. Synopsis: The Crowd refers to a strange phenomenon in which Mr. Spallner tries to learn of strange individuals who always appear at traffic accidents. Mr. Spallner crashes his car after driving at high speeds; his body lays in [...]

The Spookiest Name is Emily

What comes to mind when you think of a name that feels "spooky". You might think of cacophonous sounds or blunt like Lucifer or Vlad or Billy. However, in my reading of multiple horror anthologies I came across something serendipitous. 2 tales, both with a titular character named Emily... a name that doesn't sound that [...]

What is the Best Episode of ‘Creeped Out’ Season 2?

Last year I covered the BBC/Netflix horror series Creeped Out, and it was fun but in my earnest opinion nothing special. It had potential but didn't seem to have much of an identity of whether it wanted to be creepy, or moralistic, or modern so I figured I would never talk about it again. When [...]

Solving YouTube’s Spookiest Riddles (Part 1)

What am I doing, hey y'all hope we are having a good one. I don't know why but there's these riddle channels on YouTube and they're pretty awful but undeniably riddles are fun. So I challenge you to solve this spook-tacular riddles (why is every riddle about murder... IDK?) and I'm also giving you the [...]

Freaky Fred (Courage the Cowardly Dog)

Gazing upon a sight that fills me with dread. That sight would be that of dear Fred. Who’s widen smile makes my stomach all knotty. Because I know beyond those lifeless eyes is someone who’s thoughts are all…. Naughty. Courage the Cowardly dog is an endearing show for those who enjoy absurdist humor and the [...]

Vampire Tales That Will Leave You Spooked!

The Vampyre Them Twilight Vampires have nothing on my Danny DeVito looking guy, now that's a good looking vamp. Polidori, John “The Vampyre.” The Penguin Book of Vampire Stories, by Alan Ryan, Penguin, 1989, pp. 7-24. Synopsis: John Polidori’s romantic fiction, The Vampyre produces a hellish creature meant to highlight the folly of human mortality. The [...]

The Mind is a Spooky Place

Jackson, Shirley. “The Beautiful Stranger” Dark Descent, by David G. Hartwell, Grafton Books, 1992, pp. 874-879. Synopsis: When Margaret life is intruded upon by a “beautiful stranger” posing as her husband does she discover how unfortunate her life used to be and still is. John’s wife Margaret and children, Smalljohn and infant daughter wait at the [...]

All Aboard the ‘Infinity Train’ – All Episodes Review (Part 3)

The Cat’s Car I love the cat! I love her refined personality, so it makes so much sense she’s in this antique store. I love that the cat is given some conflicted morality that she is helping the conductor only out of fear and that the cat is cunning enough to devise a solid plan [...]

All Aboard the ‘Infinity Train’ – All Episodes Review (Part 2)

The Corgi Car This is the pilot episode, showing the show can mix humor with Holy shit what is that! The Corgi Kingdom is a nice quirky stop in the train while also introducing a terrifying robot that looks like a Studio Ghibli antagonist. This episode introduces Atticus who is the deep voiced regal Corgi [...]

All Aboard the ‘Infinity Train’ – Every Episode Review (Part 1)

Given that the previous mini-series experiment of Cartoon Network in Over the Garden Wall became something that tickles a soft spot in my heart. A show that I’d consider to be one of my favorite animated series; you know I was certainly interested in another mini-series. Following with another simple frame structure narrative and a [...]

The Fantastic Works of Mr. Edgar Allan Poe

I'm sure everyone has heard of Poe's work before, but today we are going to be going over some you may or may not be familiar with. Instead of: The Raven, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Pit and the Pendulum, or The Cask of Amontillado here's some of Poe's others work so you can spend this [...]

Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus

Amidst the qualms of suburbia, you find something truly spooky to deal with…. Neighbors. Beyond the unkempt lawns and picket fences what are those around us hiding? Probably no life, just like you and me. What if your neighborhood was infiltrated by someone or rather something truly horrifying? Someone on the registry? No, well yes. [...]

Foxed! Don’t you just hate dealing with a conniving fox and their malicious intent. James Stewart and Nev Bezaire perfectly capture such a predicament in their short film Foxed! The endearing doll like designs of a Rankin/Bass special meets the dark and eerie designs of Laika in this stupendous display of stop motion. While the [...]

Return to the Carnival of Souls [31 Spooks of October]

I considered this lost media... but here we are. I made a video a while ago on the cult classic, public domain, spooky horror flick Carnivals of Souls. I had fun making it but ended up finding it a conceptually large review, and didn't enjoy it enough to edit the planned multiple videos for it.... [...]

31 Spooks of October – 2018 Box Set

Do you like short film, and do you like them spooky? Let's rewind, get shameless, and dig up my past that... really should remain buried. Now in one convenient place it's the 31 Spooks of October [2018 Edition] viewed how it was meant to be viewed....... in September. If you want to see the horrific [...]

A Puzzle….

ALWAYS WATCHING. ALWAYS WAITING Carnival. |Unfinished. Chrome. Corgi| Syringe. Invader. Fox. Naughty. Redneck Zombies. Pluto. Viol. Mystery. 50th. Hide and Seek. Emily. Tapestry. |Momo. Clown. Genius| Spiral. Dance. Smile. First. Whipped Dogs. Snow. Eggs. Ash-Tree. Snails. |Teeth. Dog Killer| Firework. Featured Frights: If you’re confused, consider taking a gander at the first tease. Basically, this [...]

Flip Decision

FADE IN: EXT. CROSSROAD- NIGHT A coin levitates suspended in the darkened sky as it slowly tumbles downward. Its descent happens with clean rotations as it reflects the light of a hovering street lamp. NOAH stares up intently tracking the coin as it falls. Noah is an introverted high schooler who tends to be a [...]

Answering Questions is Fun – Liebster Award

Chain Mail Time! I know other people consider these empty nothing awards, but when I'm prepping more ambitious projects I will gladly do a little Q & A. Quick reminder: Annlyel James is awesome! Likes to play this little prank where she pretends I make good content…haha yeah I do haha. Check her out on [...]

There Goes My Hero…

You were chosen because you were the best among men. Becoming a symbol of hope, you held the mantle with valor and stormed into battle time and time again.  Dignified and courageous you put your body, mind, and heart to the test to protect those who entrusted you with such a role to play. Time [...]


Ding. Ding. Ding. Hello there, I hope we are all doing rather swell. My apologies for a rather premature introduction, but who doesn't like a DELIGHTFUL SURPRISE every now and then. -tchoffo-tchoffo-tchoff! See the question of who is tough to answer you see. To me FABLE FOX is FABLE FOX but to thee, I am [...]